2009 Saints Super Bowl Team Honored at Halftime in Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

2009 Saints Super Bowl Team Honored at Halftime in Week 15 | New Orleans Saints Football

The New Orleans Saints honored the 2009 team for their Super Bowl victory at halftime of Monday's game against the Indianapolis Colts in Week 15 of the 2019 NFL season at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
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Damien Parker

This was awesome to see, Black and Gold gettin that SuperBowl this year…WHO DAT⚜️!!!!

The InvictusSamaritan

Mark Brunell most underrated Saints quarterback, those clutch FG holds in the nfc championship and in the super bowl πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚

    Kras 4

    Amen. Truly a TEAM championship award. EVERYONE played a part.

Lashunda Caramel

That was so awesome! I smell another Super Bowl Ring coming in 2020 #WhoDat #WhoDat

Bossmayne Marco

Man colston still look like he can ball lol! WhoDat!

    Richie Rich

    Would be nice to bring in a few of them guys lol

Russell Giangrosso

Where’s the bat regg lol

Richie Rich

RIP Will Smith! But damn Darren Sharper messed up.

    Daniel Seth

    Yeah didn’t Darren Sharper get convicted of rape??


    Yea he messed up cuz he was a major part of that season’s success. Now doesn’t even get mentioned, but he brought it upon himself. Smh


    @N/A they could have mentioned him as he was arguably the biggest playmaker on the team

jerry robinson

i still remember it like it was yesterday

    Ian Burke

    jerry robinson that’s what I was going to say

Chosen Saint

That was awesome. Thanks for posting that so all of us that wasn’t at the game could relive that special moment. Seeing all those guys is nostalgia overload at its finest. A lot of work left to do on this season so we can celebrate THIS team down the road just like we celebrated the 09′ team on this occasion. WHO DAT!!!


Booo that announcer WHACK! You can’t cut Reggie off like that! We still love Lance Alot, R.I.P Will Smith, WD4L! #WhoDat

Russell Blackthorn

I remember watching that SB with my wife, we had so much fun, that was a day that will live inside me forever!!! Go Saints!!!

Rich Harrow

RIP Will Smith …

Big WW

It’s really nice that Thomas morestead took time out of halftime to walk with his old teammates


    MY favorite part of the whole thing. The old man is one of the few from the group still on the field. I wear my Morstead jersey proudly!

kg the great one

Wow they cut reggie off like that wth

Kevin Mckay

Why tf would dude cut off reggie like that?… also r.i.p will smith the man was a beast… it’s so coincidental 10 years ago in miami we won the superbowl… guess where the superbowl is held this year??

Illadelphia Freeze

I noticed no mention of Darren Sharper

Jonathan Esters

Look at chase Daniel playing with bears came back to put that Jersey on one more time

Jon Ram

It makes me so happy to see all the old boys back out there! We miss you so much Will Smith!

Robert Johnson

I will bleed Black & Gold till I’m
Dead & Cold. ❀

Kras 4

Magical stuff right here. Great to see the band back together again. 2009 was special.

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