Zay Jones Confident in Year 2, Knows the Talent on Offense | Las Vegas Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Chris Gang Reply


yo booty stank Reply

Zay boutta go off

epicgiraffe 170 Reply

I’m hoping we keep zay. So much potential!

Madison Avery Reply

Raiders are going to be good

Watts Raider Reply

My Guy!!! Let’s show the doubters what time it is.

Marty Anthony Reply

I hope he breaks out this year , I expect a lot of deep ball plays for him .

Steven Griffin Reply

see when you can get men like Jones, no reason ever have a Antonio Brown. The chemistry aspect is essential to build a winning team.

Sherri T1337 Reply

Zaaaayyyy!!!! ☠🖤🏉 In case you see this… Good luck this season!!

Andrew Torres Reply

Zay gon pop out this year💯 him and Derek also built up so much chemistry unlike last year where people expected him to produce right away when he didn’t even know anything or anyone

Andrew Torres Reply

“We don’t wake up to come second place in the division”💯 our team is really believing we can do great


This guy has the chance to be a starter or at least 3rd string.

D Mag Reply

AP pushing a political agenda. Hey AP this is football

    Rene Basavand Reply

    Yup thats whqt bs liberal media will always do

D Mag Reply

Zay be class

Ken Cress Reply

Wow I am super impressed ,I really don’t know much about Zay…
Sounds very together…
Mind body and spirit… here’s to a great season!! Go Raiders

Alex Reply

Zay gonna fly this season.


There’s so many haters in these comments , then next thing you know , they steel yo skits 🤣🤣 I just love it .

Raider Bane Reply

Zay ballin this camp rn4L

Jimboslice23 Reply

Nobody is going to bring up the hoodie he’s wearing? Zay has grade A class and I love having him on our team ✊

    jake hill Reply

    Man where can I buy one of those!!!

Rene Basavand Reply

Zay jones is a nice player..i remember him making nice plays in buffalo as a rookie!

Malcontent Reply

My left ear is lonely

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