Za’Darius Smith thinks Dalvin Cook is ‘a great running back’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
HaitianP Booling

First come first serve


Vikings fans are so confident they will easily beat us lol. Can’t wait to see Cousins running for his life.


    GlazeJWK bro let them hate they don’t know what we got in store for em lol!

    tim allen

    @Fernando Marin go back to whatever shithole you came from Fernando

    Hmoob Vwj

    @SharkCityRich straight trash against the bears and you think you guys are great? Lol

brandon butler

I like how he wants to be a packer. . Billy seem like he didn’t care in his last interview. . Even tho his dad was a packer

    Ethen Swords

    brandon butler that’s something I noticed when He first signed. If u follow his insta it’s all green n gold. One of my fav packers now!

    brandon butler

    @Ethen Swords yes I really like his attitude and he is a beast.

    Yooper eh?

    He’s the best kind of leader u can have too. Outgoing. Positive. Talented. And eccentric. Best addition we’ve made in a long time in FA

    Urfavorite Gemini

    @brandon butler same it’s like i get hipster vibes from Billy cool dude.

Damean Wards

Great player, even greater person. Amazing addition to the team.


Preston like: “nah… not now z, I’m busy can’t ya tell??” 😄💀💀
Zadarious: “yeah whatever you a 🤡 anyway fool”

    mick griffin

    Yeah ya had too much whiskey!

Yooper eh?

A true leader. Z needs to be a lifer.

Drew Z

Those weird camera zooms at the beginning weirdly conform to Z’s personality. Love it.


Am I the only one more excited for our Packers defense more than our offense this game? No, just me ok! I can’t wait to see Kirk run for his life, let’s stop Dalvin Cook them Vikings are no slouch! #GOPACK

Jeroen Bruin

love this guy


This guy is the leader of the Packers defense.

Joe Cyganiak

Hey Sports Writers… PLEASE speak into the damn mic. I would be nice to hear the question the players are responding too! Thanks.


Humble, intelligent, and ambitious. Man I love this guy already!

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