Za’Darius & Preston Smith on defensive mindset: ‘We’re young, talented, and just want to have fun’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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mike minter

Finally the Defense has some swagger. Its been too long since i thought that. Go pack!

    Goated23 X

    Fax before it was like the defense was dead inside now it’s way different 💯

Steve B.

The Smith Brothers I love it. These guys are awesome.

    Shedrick Hill


Vell G



I love these two so much 😂😂

The Realest Cheesehead

Preston Had A Great Game, All Over The Place!!! Za’Darius did too but Preston 👀👀

    Juju az

    The Realest Cheesehead ikr, his coverage was unbelievable.

    Quinten Rodgers

    Yess, but you cant forget about Martinez he tore the field up also. Scratch that. Everyone on packers defense tore the field up lmao

Greytness _

We finally have a defense 👏👏👏

    Tru Story

    @Nick Farina congratulations…how many rushing yards did you have??

    Nick Farina

    Tru Story How many rushing yards did the coach have?!?!??? Is he not apart of the team. You sound so dumb

    Tru Story

    @Nick Farina the coaches running back had 123yards…whats ur point? He is on the field ur not lol

    Tru Story

    @Nick Farina what is dumb is your fascination with grown men running around a field with other grown men…you being a grownup child lol…biggest distraction on the planet next to religion

    Nick Farina

    Tru Story Youre definitely a woman liberal

K.H. T.V.

Top of the division 2-0

Freddy Cuba

Haha man there chemistry and energy they bring to the organization not just only the deffense, these guys are that much of a impact good pick ups!

    Ben Bergh

    It’s unreal the influence it seems these guys have made on this team.

Simple X.

There’s just a different kind of talent and feel to this defense that wasn’t there for a while. Go Pack Go!

Matt Nicholson

These two need they’re own show!! Monsters!!!


I could watch this kind of stuff all day. Bros that love playing football and love playing with the guys next to them! Talk about JUICE


The Smith Brothers
Cough-it-up Drops

Virginia Salvatierra

How amazing it feels to finally have a defense 👊👊👊👊

Johnny Yang

Now the Packers got a Defense. YEA ……

SJW Destroyer

19 points allowed in two games. Pinch me I must be dreaming.

James Tiedt

Man, these guys are professional, love the chemistry.


Sucks that the D has all this swagger now without Mike D 🙁

Timothy Gawroriski

I fucking love these two. The whole defense is vibing, and these guys are a huge part of it!


These two guys are exactly what we needed gopack!


whats really cool is the fact that these 2 were free agents, neither one showing any sign of being a diva and in fact show great leadership, incredible job by the front office signing these guys !

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