Zach Ertz “We’re Focused on Being 1-0 this Week” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Zach Ertz “We’re Focused on Being 1-0 this Week” | Eagles Press Pass

Hear from players , Brandon Graham, , , , and more after Wednesday's practice.

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Buck Buck

Zack good game vs pack.when you get pissed its justified.keep it up brother.god bless us all


Brandon Brooks on the field is always 💯, best Free Agent signee from Howie.

John Lancaster

Nelson seems much more comfortable in front of the camera than the rest of the team.

Dbz Lover

My Boy Ertz

Call Me J. R.

I don’t care what everybody says he the best TE in the NFL. He’s my favorite. He’s look so cool in the Eagles uniform too.


    He earned a ring. In a clutch situation in the SB why would hen not be one of the best.


Brandon Brooks that quiet guy that just balls out and doesn’t expect awards or anything.

JP Gunny

Brandon didn’t seem thrilled to have reporters in his face


    It gets annoying every now and then. Reporters asking the same dumb questions.

Goat Stature

I have to say the Eagles have some of the best Personalities in football

Germain Prieto

Not hating but BG says “you know” a lot lol


    Germain Prieto – So does Craig James

loyal Bird

Nelson caught all those passes in the Superbowl.. You get a pass from me.

Stephen White

Brandon Brooks the goat 🐐

Martin Castro

Brandon Brooks just here so he dont get fined


McCleod is one of the most underrated players in the NFL. He and Jenkins have been the saviors in this secondary.

    Trang Lam

    he makes the safety group different man


What the hell is on the back of Duke’s hair?

Fuck U Pay Me

31-7 eagles over the jets

lionel sherard

A beast… Love that dude… Hall of Famer. .. him and Lane are no joke…

lionel sherard

Jordan Howard punishes the DBs when he gets a chance

lionel sherard

Douglas is good at corner.. I promise he will be a great safety.. I just know it

combat black

i would love to meet that 1 person who disliked this interview lmao

Connor Murphy

Brooks a beast. OMG its unreal.

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