Zach Ertz “This is a Game We Need to Win” | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Zach Ertz “This is a Game We Need to Win” | Eagles Press Pass

Watch as Philadelphia Eagles tight end Zach Ertz comments on the atmosphere in the locker room while guard Isaac Seumalo reflects on his performance against the Atlanta Falcons.

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Taqeem Hilton2.0 Reply

I hope Ertz been practicing breaking tackles in practice. Cant keep going down after first contact on 8 to 10 yard routes

    Joey B Reply

    (((((((💥has* been💥))))))

    Taqeem Hilton2.0 Reply

    @Joey B 👍

    freestyle yaaj Reply

    I liked Ertz as a receiver but he’s soft.

HypeBro66 Reply


Emmet Fanatic 2019 Reply


Loyal Philly fan Reply

Always remember when we started 1-1 in 2017 and then in week 3 won a big game against the giants and went on a huge run all the way to the super bowl. Fly eagles fly

    Mega Reply

    mj420 x You will see, the Eagles will struggle a lot before finally getting it together the second half of the year. They will start about 5-5 then go on a run as they play easier teams late in the season. Remember this comment.

    Shabberplasm 32 Reply

    Bro plenty of teams start out 1-1. it has nothing to do with 2017, its a new season

    Mega Reply

    Shabberplasm 32 2017 is OVER. It is THE PAST.

    Donald Brown Reply

    Fly Eagles Fly. We gonna fixed this and get where we need to be. Youre exactly right.

    Devin Morgan Reply


Taqeem Hilton2.0 Reply

Cant afford to “play high” Seumalo. You’re giving up too many sacks. No pun intended. Get lower with proper leverage big guy.

    Habibis Daddy Reply

    Given up to many sacks pressures and too many holding calls …need to get him out of there hes terrible…idk y they like him so much

    Taqeem Hilton2.0 Reply

    @Habibis Daddy I’ve been saying the same thing the past 3 seasons. He was a wasted 3rd round pick. I was hoping he got traded before this season started. Major liability. I rather Dillard play left guard his first year then have Seumalo start. Dillard is a first round pick that needs consistency on that left side, whether it be at left guard or giving Peter’s a rest at left tackle. Either way Dillard would be the better fit at left guard. At least for one year.

BigKevRo7 Reply

Just here to say Seamulo has never been good and sucks. Have a great day everyone. Fly eagles Fly 🦅

    Loyal Philly fan Reply

    BigKevRo7 then you not a eagles fan

    Josh Reply

    That’s aggressive. He’s inconsistent. But he isn’t bad.

judd liliha Reply

We will win if Carson puts together 4 good quarters, not just 2… how about run the damn ball!!!!!

    shoutenry Reply

    Hell, just three would be more than good enough.

    judd liliha Reply

    @shoutenry 100%

Still Learnin 4332 Reply

Wisnewski will be having his phone ring in a couple weeks

    Habibis Daddy Reply

    Should pick him back up and get rid of semaleu or however u spell his name…too many holding calls and given up to many sacks and pressures

Still Learnin 4332 Reply

Well ertz just gave it away, DG ain’t playing Sunday

    Josh Reply

    We kinda knew that already. Best case scenario: Dallas plays Thursday.

Wide Nine EAGLES Reply

Pro bowler’s get firsts down cry baby

TrapSoul Life Reply

It’s scary when it’s only week 3 and your whole team is pretty much saying it’s a must win at all costs.

    Shivam Patel Reply

    Scary or it means they really believe they’re a superbowl team.

    Dedrick Mcghee Reply

    It’s great team focus tho… because truthfully Eagles let one go last week and should be undefeated. A slow start due to most teams resting starters in preseason to prevent Injury when the team would be gelling had they played a little more

John Lancaster Reply

Even injured offense scored twenty points. Defense is the big worry.

Josh Reply

Ertz gotta stop blaming himself for that loss. Could he have gotten more depth on his route or fell back for the first? Sure, but there were many mistakes on the TEAM’S fault before that.

    Habibis Daddy Reply

    Yea hell get it next time just like agholar will catch the next one and not think its 2015 again …ertz will def remember and get that next time he wasnt very short but then again it’s a game of inches …djax and jeffrey need to get better and the oline needs to improve so does the dline xant believe both Jackson and Jernigan both broke their foot in back to back weeks …hopefully Jernigan will be back soon and hopefully ridgeway can step up in a big way to keep the pressure off cox

drealmerz7 z Reply

not worried about Seamolo at all. He faced a tough opponent, wasn’t like he played bad bad bad, just below-par for what we’re used to, it’s totally okay, he’ll learn and be stronger for it

    Quel M Reply

    drealmerz7 z if Atlanta’s d line is trouble, he’s gonna have a real long day against the Lions d line.

cliff A Reply

I think is a other lose game?

SMA.FlyEaglesFly skeem Reply


    cut Reply

    holy shiz! I finally found someone who noticed ! and running the ball @ 3rd and 15! I’ve seen DP make a lot of stupid clutch calls and he doesn’t seem to get it.

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