You can’t be satisfied with one win | Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

“That’s old that’s gone” I love it!


The Best WR in the NFL. Julio Jet Jones 🛫🔥

Raymond Elder

On to the next one, expect the Colts to have alot of energy in their home opener

    Cody Paul

    @Raymond Elder Yeah, they definitely gonna have to bring it to get the W. Good to hear Julio keep saying “Last week was last week”.

    Jamerous 58 Gilliam

    First Win on the road starts in Indy. (2-1)

Dandre Johnson

Bruh this man Julio funny, he lettin them know he on to the next game acting like he doesn’t know what happen last game

    jadan wright


    Coolio11 Jones

    Dandre Johnson This how he really feeling in high school I would do the same act like the last game didn’t happen great coaches teach you this lol he is a professional even if he has to lie to himself to believe it, it keep him from being complacent.

    thomas anderson

    Dandre Johnson that jus shows you how humble he is lol

    Shereda Cook

    The media needs to come with better questions. Jeez, how you start with “I know we asked about this (multiple times) but can we talk about it again.”

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

I’ve ran out of compliments for how great this guy is on and off the field 🙏🏽

    Tyler Perkins



    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk I see this man in the comment section of every falcons video. He a real fan

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

    nckhrt I make video content too check it out and sub To my channel if you like what you see rise up

    Zachariah Hughes

    Jazzy Jeff Real Talk EXACT

    Valentino Babbs

    Professinal mastery!

Gary Turbo

I remember saying that on thier celebration video

Real Baseball & Softball Moms of ATL

EXACTLY!!! That was a good game but we gotta keep looking ahead if we gonna make it to the playoffs! We have the chance to win the SOUTH! The only way to do so is to keep it moving. One week at a time, one game at a time. I love me some Julio! Hope to see you guys in Miami cuz we going… ✈️✈️✈️✈️

Latrell Caldwell

Aight we gotta get this win ppl saying we gonna lose this game but I believe matt gonna do better n kill those TOs

markus greaves

“We was flying around” ~ Julio Jones

StarKiller 5iveOh

Look at Julio!!
He’s gone from player, to teammate, to leader. I mean, he’s speaking with conviction like a coach.
Man, I love when people have a passion for what they do and want to see others in the same line of work be their best…haven’t seen that since I got out of the military! Hoo rah Julio!


Sigh….I can’t stand DLed.

    Hans Moukeka

    TheBeardedCommander neither can Julio 😂😂😂

Frank V

But foreal, why ask again? waste of a question, onto the next game

    Lin Long

    That bedwetter for you..worst beat writter in the country

Stan ezen

Take a shot everytime Julio says “that’s old, we on to the next game” or every time he squints/licks his lips

Blackswagga Joe

Like I keep saying we have the one of if the humblest team

The Subconscious Mind

The audio is terrible, I can barely hear the press conference.

Michael Thomas

You can tell this man played for Nick Saban. 😂😂

ZukoDaPrince Channel

Nothing but work is going to be put in. We have so many more games left. This is what we live for. 🔴⚪️⚫️💪🏼🏈🦅

Mike Vaughn

Julio Jones might be the best press conference interview in the league as well. Proud this guy will retire a Falcon. HOF get that bust ready. 💯


Best Wide Receiver in Nfl period respect! Focus on the Colts now

Tiana Tulloch

I’m so glad to see him in this mindset! That is how you win games! I’m looking forward too, Julio! On to the next one! #RiseUp #FalconsToTheSuperbowl

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