X’s and O’s with Dan Orlovsky: Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Hanging Around

Murray finished the pre-season with a 77.7 QB rating. 23 of 36 for 193 yards. He ran for 13 yards total. I’m not sure he will do much better than that against NFL starters.

    Shay Gibson

    You will be surprised.. taking preseason numbers as a estimate for the regular season is foolish.

    Hanging Around

    @Shay Gibson I would agree with you if he was playing against the starters..he wasn’t, most of the defenders he played against were probably cut or on the waiver wire. we shall see.

    Shay Gibson

    @hangingaround actually he played mostly against starters, but yes time will tell.

    Keith Mitchell

    Preseason is garbage. Always has been, always will be. If you think you’ve learned anything from it, you’re an idiot.

Tyler Bouck

Great stuff and a excellent breakdown of Kyler. Really think we have been underestimating this guy. Hope our defense is sharp in coverage. I could see them trying to take advantage of us at the linebacking core.

    Kevin R

    Best bet to stop Murray is bringing edge pressure and playing tall against him and having hands up. But if the Lions have slow linebackers I can see the Cardinals exploiting that.

    Steven P

    @Kevin R We definitely don’t have good pass coverage LBs if going by past performance , but have to give the LBs a chance, though. You never know Tavai could emerge as some insane run stopper

Tyler Bouck

A 4 – 2 set may be in need this week.

Bernard Brooks

Mike and Dan great job!

michael manakis

Has Dan ever watched the lions D play a “running” QB ? That’s exactly what we do we never rush wide and open run lanes …. are pass rusher always hold there gaps and we never blitz …. which I hate … they’ll have a spy on Murray and the L.B will only pass rush when the RB stays and blocks

    Jeneral GBerry

    Last season we played Russel Wilson and Cam Newton…. none of them ran on us

Talking With Tonio

Are we running out of the end zone


CUba Gooding Jr. will play this guy’s life story on a hallmark movie in a couple years. Yaknow…

Luke G's Field Review

Love this new segment @Detroit Lions


I can’t take anything seriously from Dan-O the guy has zero credibility to listen to. Part of the 0-16 and colts nearly went there when he played and was one of the worst backup QBs to Stafford ever. Not hating.

    alex haggerty

    Bill Belichick is the greatest coach in history but never played. Can you trust him?

    Alan Grey

    Dan was not great on the field, but the guy knows football. And FYI, Stafford loved Orlovsky. He did everything for Stafford. He’s great at supporting the starting QB. He’s as knowledgeable as Romo.

Lorin Keehn

2:53 lol doesnt keep his eyes up could have had an easy completion. Cant believe they used this play to show off kyler Murray lolol

    Lorin Keehn

    If you guys dont see that easy pass complition you dont know football

    Lorin Keehn

    If you think he would have spiked it and it was good play to keep running. He had enough time to add a quick pump

    Kevin R

    Murray has missed a few reads in preseason. Usually it takes a rookie until like mid season to make the right reads so Lions can benefit from that.

    Lorin Keehn

    @Kevin R Most definitely. I’m pumped Hopefully we dont have a repeat of last year with opposing a new rookie quarterback
    Edit: Overall they have a better QB than rosen hopefully he can help there organization.

    Kevin R

    Lorin Keehn Yeah can’t wait. Haven’t been this excited for a week 1 game in a long long time.

Kevin R

Best bet is to bring edge pressure.. sitting there and playing zone will be trouble.

yayo badass

Omg I feel so bd for Kyler Murray w.e do u better nt throw it Slay way our dline goin have fun with Kyler Murray on God

    Alan Grey

    There really is no safe place for this kid to throw the ball. And he better watch out throwing those “twitchy” passes. They’ll be picked off against this secondary. I’m calling 3 interceptions Sunday.

    yayo badass

    Yu r rite it’s no safe place throw the ball against dis secondary an he definitely need to watch that cause if he dnt it goin mre three picks


Dan has become an excellent analyst, and one can see how the team had kept him around so long when his own QB skills were not that good,for the prep and the knowledge and the help he brought Stafford in breaking down situational football. Always look forward to these, and Great job Mike and Dan.

Pats MightyMovers

One Pride!

dirk Diggler

Love those Lions!

Grey Ford

anytime I see Dan O I always press the like button

Almost Stupendous

The same guy who ran out of the end zone while looking downfield, 🤦‍♂️

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