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Jackson will not be playing against the lions

    Ashley Soden

    dwolfg Nor will Jeffery hopefully (I say when I have him in fantasy 😂)

    Alan Grey

    Yes I saw Jackson wasn’t likely to play, but we still have to be prepared just in case. I’m sure you know that, but it needed to be said. And wow I just saw the Eagles canceled a practice due to the injuries to Jeffries, Jackson, and the others. Sometimes resting your players with an extra day off can be helpful, but it can back fire more often than not. 13 injuries by week 2 is just crazy. Almost makes me feel sorry for them. ALMOST!!!

    lets talk America

    yea I was thinking the same thing we got this all day

    Alex Johnson

    Alan Grey I don’t feel sorry that the Lions have never ever been to a Super Bowl lol

yayo badass

One of the ways we goin win is our dline must play like they play in week one the second way we must run the ball very well an open up the playbook an hopeful they let Stafford call his on plays in the fourth quarter if they let him do that an our dline play like the did in week one it’s no way Philly goin beat the Lions

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    I think having jarrad davis back will be a huge help to the stopping the run and he’s good at bringing heat up the middle.

Gary Wright

Is this the same guy who ran backwards out of the endzone ? Yeah let’s listen to that guy !😁😁😂😂

    Alan Grey

    Yes that’s him, but in his defense, he’s a fantastic analyst. The guy knows football. Stafford has said he’s the best backup he’s ever had, simply because he did everything to help Stafford get ready for games. Watching film on defense just to help Stafford. I’ve listened to Orlovsky for a long time and he’s amazing at reading and breaking down plays and players. He just wasn’t as good of a player as he is an analyst. He’s on GMFB from time to time. They love his analytical skills.

Dillon Abro

I’m a big fan of Dan

Leudell Wesley

They are playing the lions so they have a shot no matter what

    videogame beer

    They are playing the eagles so they have a good shot at winning

Thunder/Lions Fan

Ngl, in the past this would be the type of game the lions would probably lose when they have an advantage in every way possible but this team feels REALLY different. If jarrad plays(looks as if he will) and makes wentz throw lions should win this easily. Id put full focus on ertz and agholor and make someone else beat you

    Alex Johnson

    You can put your focus on Ertz but doesn’t mean he’s getting shut down. Zach Ertz is able to create space and get open better than any tight end. He’s gonna go down in history as one of if not the greatest route running tight ends in NFL history. You’re gonna get a front row seat at the Zach Ertz show.

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    Alex Johnson any receiver can be shut down. Look at hopkins last week for an example. Though i dont think the lions will shut him down they’ll at least limit him and make sure they dont get beat over the top. Another guy they need to limit is sproles. Thats one of their mis match kings that’ll get more focus on him with d-jax out and potentially jeffery

    Thunder/Lions Fan

    Alex Johnson and kelce is better at getting open than ertz but he’s still really good at running routes


When wentz step n the pocket to throw this week, should/probably be a WALL THERE WAITING ON HIM🦁🦁🦁🦁, 😉

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