Xavier Woods: We’re Nowhere Near Where We Want To Be | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Armando Clark Reply


Truth Believer Reply

… that guy is worth every penny and more Xavier Woods All Pro

Pedro Melendez Reply

I think he might challenge for the the team lead in INT’s this year. He’s good in front of the camera answering questions. Real professional.

    Phil Skovby Reply

    11pd’s with 4 picks this season

DRock6906 Reply

Woods is gonna ball out this season. But on another note, did anyone notice that the media didn’t pay any special attention to the Hall Of Fame Game last night? Remember when Dallas played the same game a couple of seasons ago? The media treated that game like it was the Super Bowl because Dallas playing was playing! Just a thought…

Daniel Rodriguez Reply

Where’s #38 Jeff Heath @

    Devil PvP Reply

    Daniel Rodriguez ue

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