World War II Veteran Pete DuPré Performs National Anthem with Harmonica Before Vikings-Raiders Game – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

World War II Veteran Pete DuPré Performs National Anthem with Harmonica Before Vikings-Raiders Game

Pete DuPré, a veteran of World War II, performed the National Anthem with a harmonica prior to Sunday's game between the Minnesota Vikings and Oakland Raiders.

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TCN Sports,News,Media Reply

God bless the USA


A beautiful rendition proud to be American skol Vikings

tdagarim10 Reply

Awesome!!! Class act move by the Vikings.

Andrew Smith Reply

This was great! Awesome move by the Vikings organization.

🎃OG_Aaron🎃 Reply

I realize it wasn’t the best performance…. but come on man… the dudes 96!!! Give the man some props!!! #SKOL

Brenton Atkins Reply

Thank you Pete! This was amazing and made me think of my grandfather who fought in WWII.

thegolfballshop Reply

Skol Pete, way to go!!

Brian Larson Reply

A beautiful thing, God Bless America and all those who sacrificed so much for all of us.

Nicholas Barghini Reply

This is incredible love Pete

TCN Sports,News,Media Reply

God bless our veterans

Denzel Washington Reply

Proud 2 be from the USA Skol

Mr. POPO Reply

Thank you for your service young man.

Curtis Garner Reply

It was a pretty cool moment.

Mike Weber Reply

That is really tough to play a harmonica for the national anthem especially for a 96 year old World War 2 veteran. I salute him!

Jahn Kaplank Reply

why do y’all block this video on fox news?

    bswade007 Reply

    I just watched it on FOX News. Try finding it on one the anti America, fake news channels.

Todd Voge Reply

The Greatest Generation. Thank you MN Vikings for having Mr. DuPre on. What a great rendition of the song. Just wish it had been televised. #TheReasonWeStand #TheGreatestGeneration

Jim Dee Reply

That heartwarming moment may be the best thing about the NFL in years.

Scott Harrison Reply

Outstanding. After all these years, he’s still serving his country.

ntexas100 Reply

Great job Pete. Hats off to the people in Minnesota. They couldn’t have picked a better tribute.

Dennis Thrasher Reply

THANK YOU SIR and Thank you for your service.

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