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Jaheem Brown

Woo woo

Ryan Damon

Hey Eric 💜💜💛💛 SKOL


Lol it took the Vikings injuring rodgers just to get 1st in the division back in 2017. Every viking fan knows dang well that wont be happening again. I’m glad Rodgers and the pack are kings of the north again hehe

    Snow Tire

    As a Vikings’s fan this is horrible thinking and I’ll probably go to hell, but it would make the whole season for me if Daniel Carlson ended up kicking a 50 yard game winning field goal on Sunday.

    Vichingo 23

    @Snow Tire youre thinking of the worse possible outcome. Thats not being a bad Viking fan, it just shows you are a Viking fan. Ill give you another. Teddy Bridgewater is going to go undefeated as the Saints QB while Brees is out.

    Josh Morrison

    Good troll effort. Even a fudge packing fan like you know you were given this game and had no business winning. GB is overrated and the progression of this season will show that. You’re 2-0. You are Kings of Nothing

    George Jefferson

    Week 3 and you’re crowning yourselves lol

    The season isn’t even close to over

JTG 2102

These are better when we win.


If #KIRKCOUSINS had any shame, he would renegotiate his salary so the #VIKINGS could pick up either, TRENT WILLIAMS, JALEN RAMSEY or any other potential free agents. That way, it will improve the Vikings and give the illusion #8 is better than he really is. IF NOT, after his time is done with the Vikings he had better get used to the idea of being a journeyman QB, one year contracts and quite possibly a backup. Time for him to decide if being a champion and a team player is important to him. Lets be honest, who can wrap their head around 84 million dollars. Even if he negotiates 12 million, his great great grandchildren will do just fine.
I`ll copy and paste this the whole season. I know his stay at home wife will see this one way or another since I`m posting this everywhere…say it with me S P A M
and to all you idiots who say his contract can`t be renegotiated, read this….”Cousins could renegotiate anytime, and that could be structured to give us some cap relief. But as his entire contract is guaranteed, there is little incentive for him to do so. He is not going to take a pay cut and it will be hard to extend him until a new CBA is in place. He’s not just going to give money back so we can sign someone else, even though he could. Even Tom Brady, who is somewhat underpaid and renegotiates all the time to get the Pats more cap space, doesn’t really take a pay cut to do so. That is highly unusual at this level of NFL contract.”
but if for some reason, you’re still in doubt and in need of specifics, take away his best year and his worst year…what are you left with, a top 25 QB.
P.S. there are 32 starting QBs
now you may ask yourself “why I am doing this”, well its because I have defended him for far to long and the window for the Vikings is closing fast. Tired of seeing players wasting their careers with the Vikings and I don’t want to see that happen to Smith, Griffin, Joseph and all the other aging Vikings. There needs to be a sense of urgency!!

    BIG DA

    South*Star he won’t he’s laughing to the bank


Damn I was hoping to see his great pass breakup late in the game

Snow Tire

Just a little ole Vikings’s fan since ’79 gal here, but I usually get 1 or 2 answers when I play along with Initials on Fridays, so above average intelligence. I think the defense needs to start the game with more fire in them, hard for even a super elite like Brady or Rodgers to finish a comeback that our QB almost finished. Stay true to yourself Kirk, we’re all rooting for you! Stay humble.


After falling 21-0 in the first quarter with little to no CB depth and starting a Safety at nickel then to pitch a shutout way to adjust fight and not quit when it would’ve been easy too defense great toughness

Deeper Reality

Your soft. You need to fire this team up. This ain’t a game. This is business. Y’all capable of sooo much more. Get to the next level like Philly did y’all !

Skoldier Soup

Well get them 2nd time around. SKOL


    Refs are literally impossible in Green Bay, so I hope so!

George Jefferson

Kendricks is playing well

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