Wired For Sound: Dalvin Cook vs. Atlanta Falcons | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Jacob Bastian Reply

“That’s a first down bro?!”😂😂😂😂

    Agarthian Fuhrer Reply

    Jacob Bastian that killed me. I’m still tearing up from it.

Danang Dwiatma Reply

Breakout season💪🤞

Unknown Reply

He’s a Baaaaaaaaad Man i‘d say

Tee Moncrief Reply

Nfl mvp this year Skol

AZ chillin feet up Reply

We need more of this when we play the fudge packers. Let’s go SKOL

John Williams Reply

Please stay healthy. #BlessTheKnees

    Antonio Alanmar Leon Martinez Reply

    and keep them healthy

khadar solo Reply

Yea we really didn’t know what was about to happen ….

Ucantseemeverywell Reply

narrator: “and he was right, for they did not know what was about to happen.”

Squadron Elite Reply

Yo Kirk said” yeah d cook that a baby”😁

Chris K47 Reply

SKOL all the way to the motherfrickin bowl baby!!!!

parker voller Reply


Han Skolo Reply

They dont know!!! SKOL!

carbonizsiick Reply

i love cook always giving the ball to the o line to spike

Gil H Reply

That was one of the coolest wired clips I’ve seen

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety Reply

I love the perfectly timed “kicking the door down!”

YouTube Algorithmic Board of Safety Reply

On my signal unleash the White Tiger

luhoiud Ewfewe Reply

Love it when he gives one of the lineman the ball to spike it

    Kevin C Reply

    Yeah. The rookie too

Matt B Reply

They’re really like brothers. Just such a great group of guys, it’s fun to watch. They deserve rings, maybe this is the year

    TheBrutalcabbage Reply

    I like that post. They do deserve it. Who knows? I am neither negative or positive. I just watch the games and enjoy each win.

AD T Reply

“When we really find our rhythm… bro, we could be somethin’ special, bro”. Let it happen…

quietazn Reply

There is no better word to describe our vikes than Brotherhood. Team full of Characters. SKOL

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