WIRED: Eric Weddle Mic’d Up vs Seahawks | NFL Week 14 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

It was great game! I was in attendance and man the atmosphere was crazy! Glad to see many Rams fans come out.

    Make The Lakers Great Again

    Night games are always lit in the coliseum

    Heso Melo

    I went to Ram Raven game and before we got blown out it was electric

Shriekin Desperado

That Weddle and Rapp connection gon be special


    Already is!


    You can see that mentorship connection between them. I don’t think Rapp could have asked for a better mentor. Rapp is already very good, in the next few years he’s gonna turn into a complete monster.


    Dude, both John Johnson lll and Taylor Rapp are going to be killing it for many years after Eric Weddle leaves.


    @shindanu if they have a great FS-SS connection than HELL YEAH!!

Sojo R

Is weddle a coach or player?


    @Sojo R YOU didn’t know that Weddle was the signal caller. Lol but yeah, we shouldn’t talk.

    Sojo R

    @shindanu Corey Littleton is the mic linebacker.. The defense is worse this year with weddle.. Go away

    Jose Lopez

    Sojo R so you’re a bandwagon basically

    Sojo R

    @Jose Lopez ❌Wrong again. I wont condone replacing Littleton with Weddle at the cost of being worse. Unacceptable. I only roll with ppl who’re trying to win. Get lost


Mic up Clay for one of these last games.


E Dub.


bro i wanna hear what jalen ramsey was saying tho

    God Garou

    Sirap saaaame!

    Harvey Too Fresh

    No, no you don’t lol

    Harvey Too Fresh


    Waste of air time



    @Harvey Too Fresh bruh idk what you on but thatd be a good watch🧢

Isaiah 'Iyeazy' Hollis

Man weddle is great im glad TRapp is learning from one of the best


I love how he calls everybody “babe”….lol.

Harvey Too Fresh

LOVED the Weddle & Matthew’s offseason pick ups…

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