WIRED: Dante Fowler Mic’d Up vs. Carolina Panthers | Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Cam Vet Reply

Let’s go beat the Saints!

Heso Melo Reply

Whose House🐏

    Wilhelm Beaston Reply

    Rams House!

    Sojo R Reply

    @Wilhelm Beaston Saints House!!

    Wilhelm Beaston Reply

    @Sojo R no, that’s not even the right catchphrase. It’s “Rams House” or “Geaux Saints”. Not both in one. Stay in school. And if you go to public school in New Orleans you should move, because I can already tell you have a reading comprehension disability.

    Sojo R Reply

    @Wilhelm Beaston How did public school get in the conversation? Let me guess.. You’re a white male? 😖

    Sojo R Reply

    @Wilhelm Beaston You have really been *engineered* to your detriment. Get out of your mom’s attic!!

JDeppFan2272 Reply

Fowler benefited big time from the constant double teams on Donald. So even when Donald doesn’t get his stats, he is making a HUGE difference.

    Milton Charles Reply


    Keith Reply



Aka mr dusty shoes

Make The Lakers Great Again Reply

See y’all at the Coliseum

Slippah Rippah Reply

Let’s keep him till he retires….

Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana Reply

Fowler been making plays. Lets go RAMS ! #MOBSQUAD #beatthesaints

bctopper Reply

Please beat the Saints!! Go Rams!!!

Nicholas Mason Reply

WTF is this song?

Harvey Too Fresh Reply

Wipe them damn shoes off

The Count of Toulouse Reply

Flowler, I HOPE is wise enough to stay with this team, its a great fit for him and its the place he’s going to get the most glory in the end.

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