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Winston Fires TD Pass to Godwin, Bucs Take the Lead

Jameis Winston sets up Chris Godwin for the first touchdown of Week 2. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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day man Reply

Wow! Very cool, thanks!

    Jonathon Shine Reply

    @YOUniverse1234 Wow! Very cool, thanks!

    Kyng Beast Reply

    Wow nice comments guy very cool, thanks!

    SuperKalosBros Reply

    Thank you Kanye, very cool!

    aj shiffler Reply

Jerry Kwerve Reply

Famous with the perfect throw

day man Reply

Gosh, the NFL posts just what I want to see!

    Independence Reply

    day man alright enuf with the sarcasm

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

oh man, how the panthers have fallen. That 2015 panthers team is only a dream now.

    L3- -37 Reply

    @Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career LeBron fanboys do the same thing arguably do it worse.

    Ka Kjj Reply

    L3- -37 w

    James White Reply

    #boycottthenfl. A league full of thugs and criminals that nobody should watch.

    Brennan McKinney Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career more like a mirage

    aj shiffler Reply

East Volt Reply

this game is more boring than the super bowl

    Kube Dog Reply

    I’m waiting for the final 2 minutes of this game… to see what New Orleans cries about.

    Fullmetaljango Reply

    Hell na your smoking something this past Superbowl was the worst one ever, happy as hell I didn’t take off work for that bs

Dooky Reply

If the Panthers lose to the Bucs, RIP their season.

    Brennan McKinney Reply

    Dooky they’re gonna lose to them

    Ray Cordova Reply


    Kube Dog Reply

    Yes, but even if they win it’s over. Scam Newton is ghetto trash, and ghetto never wins.

    Enie Smellner Reply

    They did

villen Reply

The biggest surprise is that Winston hasn’t thrown at least 2 picks yet

    Edwin Owens Reply

    Not a surprise if u can gauge talent

    James White Reply

    #boycottthenfl. The nfl is full of thugs that should leave this country.

    Fairwarning 007 Reply

    He got lucky with that drop int though… still really needs to clean up his game, same with that O-Line.

    Paul Bonney Reply

    They seemed to have developed a running game. That should help him out.

    aj shiffler Reply

The Legendary Grape Reply

That was such a nice look by Winston 👏👏👏

Markus Mahadeo Reply

Newton needs to cut his hair to get his swagger back

Jason Blake Reply

Panthers suk,,,real panthers can play better

cligoosnoo xd Reply

Next vid:
Winston throws a TD!!!!!…….for the opposing team

Bowser With tits Reply

Christian McCaffery is the panthers offense

    James White Reply

    @PAT MAGOAT Why do I need to do that please explain. The nfl supports social justice programs in order to keep the blacks happy. Social justice in this country is dividing us and the nfl is the reason we are so divided.

    Brandon Vasquez Reply

    @James White why cus most of them are black?

    James White Reply

    @Brandon Vasquez That is not what i said. I said that the nfl supports social justice programs in order to keep the blacks happy even though social justice programs are a threat to this country. Also the league is filled with criminals and the league doesn’t do anything to punish them.

    aj shiffler Reply

Mr Meaty Reply

Game is boring cause of the commentary

jbirds87 Reply

Cam newton is washed, he doesn’t run and very inaccurate, They might as well put in Grier

PokéMarioStudio101 Reply

So far, the Panthers are bringing nothing but disappointment 🤦‍♂️

Romeo Smith Reply

As much as I support Cam all these years he just doesn’t look the same anymore. He doesn’t look happy and I just have a weird feeling that he’s in pain and will eventually get benched this season. This system is not for Cam. If Cam can’t run the ball and be Cam then there’s no hope to be honest.

    david sanders Reply

    THAT!!! He hasn’t been the same since Broncos Superbowl, and yeah, each year he just looks more and more out of it…physically and mentally.

Goku God Reply

You know you’re dreaming when Winston has not thrown a interception

Mohsin Qamar Reply

*The day real Panthers in jungle committed suicide out of shame* 😆

david sanders Reply

NFL gave 0 Fuks about this game. Game been over 10 mins, and they still don’t have the 1st half highlights up

Charlie Martinez Reply

Oh hell yeah!!! 🤘🔥

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