Winning Formula: Will This Be The Defensive Line’s Biggest Test of the Season? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Winning Formula: Will This Be The Defensive Line’s Biggest Test of the Season?

On this week's "Vikings GamePlan," the Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, is joined by's Mike Wobschall and Vikings Game Day Live's Ron Johnson to look at how the Minnesota Vikings will try and tame the Philadelphia Eagles' pass-rush, if the Vikings' offense is truly back on track, and the tall task that awaits the team's defensive line in the form of the massive Eagles offensive line.

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Legoat James Reply

Vikings win 27-17

    Alex Johnson Reply

    Legoat James and the Vikings have zero Super Bowls…

RTurtle Reply

Vikings 34-18

KBCards Reply

Vikings 17-13

Xeng Thao Reply

Eagles 17-3

    Chick Filla Reply

    Smoking that opium I see! 0.o

    Xeng Thao Reply

    @Chick Filla just being real. like the nfc championship. yup.

    Alex Johnson Reply

    Chick Filla Vikings are 0-4 in the Super Bowl

    Chick Filla Reply

    @Xeng Thao even more recently like last year fool!

    Xeng Thao Reply

    @Chick Filla 27-3 eagles

mike ryan Reply

We need to pass to open up the run.Not the other way around. Last year we held them to 6 points in 3 qtrs

Ucantseemeverywell Reply

vikings by at least 100

    Chick Filla Reply


    Alex Johnson Reply

    The Vikings have no Super Bowls

    Ucantseemeverywell Reply

    @Alex Johnson vikings by a million

Daniel Ramones Reply

Big test for both lines, O & D, Skol Vikings!!

Chick Filla Reply

Vikings 28 to 13… only because Zimmer abso(fukkin)lutely doesn’t beilive in scoring more.

    Chick Filla Reply

    Zimmer would rather lose 28 to 29 than kick a game winning field goal…

johncarter44 Reply

Skol Vikings! 🏈

Rene Ramos Reply

Vikings at home should dominate in this game. 38-16…SKOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alex Johnson Reply

    Rene Ramos zero Super Bowls

    Chick Filla Reply

    @Alex Johnson you’re as sharp as a bowling ball! Lol keep trying! Google some zingers and come back son!

ryan damon Reply


Gerald Liesmaki Reply

Vikings Defensive line can dominate any Offensive line.

Brian Arnold Reply

Put some dents in Wentz and plug the holes for Foles! IALTO

    Brian Arnold Reply

    Sproles! My bad

R Kalif Reply

Please start the game throwing the ball we need to establish the pass first not the other way around. Quick passes, screens, and IRV SMITH involved!! Lets win SKOL

Ray Ray Reply

24-14 Vikings

Mantiss Toboggan Reply

I love the Vikings but I just.. idk, can we really do this? It’s a big game.. its important. Just like the packers were, just like the bears were.. idk man.

Skoldier Soup Reply

If we start our by going run run run run I’ll know we lost in the first 5 minutes.

Shawn Warren Reply

Vikings always find a way to loose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The eagles will eat them ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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