Winning Formula: Passing Game Will Be Put On Display vs. Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Winning Formula: Passing Game Will Be Put On Display vs. Green Bay Packers | Minnesota Vikings

On this week's Winning Formula, Paul Allen is joined by's Mike Wobschall and Vikings GameDay Live's Ron Johnson to break down how the offense might go about attacking Green Bay this week, how the Minnesota Vikings defense will look to slow down Aaron Rodgers, and more.

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Clinton Reisig Reply

Keep up the energy and enthusiasm – my advice to the team

Brock Brubaker Reply

Hopefully pat isnโ€™t playing

    Butt Stinkman Reply

    @PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS i thought Dozier got the 1st team reps in elfleins place


    @Butt Stinkman It could also be him. It is uncertain.

    Tee Moncrief Reply

    Brock Brubaker hope so

    BaronVonBielski Reply

    @PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS its not uncertain, dozier got the first team reps all week, jones had back up C. they only signed jones again because pat got hurt, and pat was the backup center. they’ve already confirmed dozier is the starter.


    @BaronVonBielski Oh ok Thanks, another article I read was wrong than.

Ryan Damon Reply

SKOL ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

Seep Productions Reply


FakeUser NameTwo Reply

When Rodgers is healthy, it’s always a been good games. So I expect a game where one team scores and the other responds.

    Chizzo Reply

    gb vs vikings is always a shootout. it should be a fun game to watch. vikes taking the W for sure though.

johncarter44 Reply

Skol Vikings! ๐Ÿˆ

john beck Reply

one game & the packers have a defense now? against Trubiski? PLEASE!!! We shall see.

    mike ryan Reply

    john beck they got some good FA this offseason and drafted solid Defensive

    david wenzel Reply

    ryanย  tough to judge based on one game and last year Chicago’s offense wasent exactly stellar as trubs had to roll out quite a bit.

Severe Statements Reply

skol to the bowl

the book worm Reply

Wobby should spend more time preaching to us why marijuana is evil and will lead to the downfall of society. What a tool

    the book worm Reply

    @Spilled Champagne oof. I can’t imagine what it’s like thinking that the it’s immature to not want to jail people for smoking weed.

    Chandler Thoma Reply

    @Derpy Name he overdosed on the WEED? TROLLLL

    Derpy Name Reply

    @Chandler Thoma this is no troll he injected the marijuana straight into his big toe

    Gary Oak Reply


    tobequite frank Reply

    Go suck your buddys bong and stop preaching about the benefits of drugs

Nathen Brandon Reply

We didnt lose in green bay last year I was there.

    Dominic VanderMyde Reply

    @Chandler Thoma I can’t relax, My team is looking like a Superbowl Contender

    david wenzel Reply

    @Dominic VanderMyde its week one….more than half of the teams look like superbowl contenders but the great equalizer…..injuries happen.

    Gary Oak Reply

    A tie is as good as a loss.

    Gary Oak Reply

    Dominic VanderMyde us? What number do you wear? Stfu.

    tbirum Reply

    @Dominic VanderMyde You need to get YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT, in 2017 the Vikings went into Lambeau and beat the packers 16-0 SO guess what you are WRONG

Tee Moncrief Reply

Feed cook

George Jefferson Reply

Letโ€™s give the Pack their first L early

david wenzel Reply

hit rogers hard and often..make him think twice about every pass, every play, every down…be relentless, be hungry, be angry and most of all play to destroy the opponent! give no quarter!!! SKOL!!!

Jay Nicks Reply

At Green Bay
2015. Vikings win 20-13
2016. Packers win 38-25
2017. Vikings win 16-0
2018. Tie 29-29

At Minnesota
2015. Packers win 30-13
2016. Vikings win 17-14
2017. Vikings win 23-10
2018. Vikings win 24-17

The Vikings have had the Packers number in recent years.

Gary Oak Reply

Vikings 38
Packers 13

Scott A Reply

should I start Cousins in FF?

Quiet Corner Reply

I’m concerned about our pass blocking. When Kirk did drop back to pass, Atlanta was able to put pressure on him. They forced a fumble, fortunately recovered, and an incomplete pass. That last one was initially also a fumble but changed after Zim’s challenge.

Bailey Fletcher Reply

This Vikings run game and then theilen and diggs, with the monster defense. I got the Vikings taking this one๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ

Mark Symbala Reply

Let’s end Rodgers scripted career.skol

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