Winning Formula: Minnesota Vikings Must Force Mitchell Trubisky To Try and Beat Them Through The Air – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Winning Formula: Minnesota Vikings Must Force Mitchell Trubisky To Try and Beat Them Through The Air

The Voice of the , Paul Allen, is joined by .com’s and Game Day Live’s to look at the state of the Vikings offense through three games and how that could translate into having success against the Chicago , and then turn their attention to QB Mitchell Trubisky and how best to limit his effectiveness.

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Hayes Nisbet

Vikings all the way





Jasim Knight


al karg

Surprised you guys didn’t cover/discuss Trubisky’s threat/ability to run (like last yr) on Vikes “D” and assume he may be “pocket contained.” Many running QB’s have stung Vikings “D” (including 2016 yr) with this option. And a “Spy” has advantages & disadvantages to its implementation here. @Minnesota Vikings

    Christopher Pool

    Watch and learn.

Ray Ray

The Vikings defense will expose the bears offense. My only concern is Kirk. Kirk needs to move and get rid of the ball quickly.


    Yup they’re planning to have Kirk for breakfast.

    Get Money

    Ray Ray yeah Kirk is my only concern I close my eyes every time he drops back smh

    Bailey Fletcher

    Kyle the Vikings defense will kill trubisky

    Joe Joe

    Lmao 28-13

    Chicago wins in an easy victory

    Bailey Fletcher

    Joe Joe this isn’t gonna age well lol

Christopher Pool

Let’s go! SKOL!!!

WolfCastle Wolfcastle

Balanced? Lol!
Cousins needs to attempt/throw more then just mostly check downs & under the 10 yrd window.
Allen references next gen stats about trubisky….
Look at next gens stats about cousins!!…they are horrible!! & they also point out cousins/vikes are tied for 1st with gb/rodgers for most time to throw at 3.06 sec’s. But yet most all cousins passes are around the 10 yrd variety or under.
He rarely takes shots downfield & his lack of aggressiveness is pointed out at almost last in the nfl at next gen.
Vikes are kinda 1 dimensional on offense right now! & that needs to change.
In this day & age of the nfl….vikes Can’t be overly run dominate & severly lacking in the pass game & expect to win enough longterm or to win the superbowl.
Yall (allen, wobby, ect) gotta stop being strickly ra ra cheerleader boys & start being real.


    Amen bro

    luhoiud Ewfewe

    exactly man! i wont even be shocked if mitch tears into this defense because of our offense having so many 3 and outs that the defense doesnt even have a chance to catch their breath

Paul Harmon

Kirk is the key to winning this game and winning this year. He doesn’t need to throw a lot. He just needs to manage the game better. I do agree that playing short ball, running the football and short quick passes, are a key ingredient offensively. However, the Vikings need to also allow Cousins the opportunities to go deep from time to time keeping the Bear’s defense in check. Trubisky is a joke. Enough said about that. This could be the biggest game of Cousins career.


    I want to believe but he will inevitably fail.

Mike Knudsen

Skol Vikes!

Ryan Damon


silky johnson

Bear down!

    Bailey Fletcher

    silky johnson I don’t fear him, I understand what he can do but you have to understand what our defense can do which you don’t

    silky johnson

    @Bailey Fletcher You were 0-2 against the bears last year, they know what to expect.

    Bailey Fletcher

    silky johnson true but we didn’t have eversen griffin and cook was injured/coming off an injury but you’re not wrong

    Bailey Fletcher

    silky johnson besides you haven’t won a home game this year🤦🏽‍♂️

    William Webster



Trubisky is nothing to worry about, we’ll make his life miserable. It’s just that we need the same elite numbers we’ve been getting from Cook & more targets to our 2 elite receivers.


    Our bears defense will crush your viqueen offense

    Stinky Winky

    Don’t forget the Bears dominated your Vikings twice last year lol 🐻⬇️⬇️⬇️


    312vandal It will still put up more points than the Cubs’ offense.


    Stinky Winky Living in the past

William Jackson II



DA BEARS 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

Glarence travels

The key to victory is have cousin’s, suddenly retire like Luck and get Sloter out of mothballs. Because he has better decision making skills. The guy reminds me of Mahomes and nobody is going to win a super bowl without a top 12 qb these days…cousin’s is not gonna some how get coached to the super bowl and win. Lets be real we need a guy who had what Keenum had here and that’s people who are on the field believing in him. Right the wrong Vikings Management go get Kyle back and stop sweating a guy with a little swagger.. If they want milk & toast at the podium after losing important games, and a yes man who folds under pressure i guess you got the right guy. I wanna see how much longer we can stomach this guy and please don’t tell fans we have to put two years on cook n the defense to start fresh. When i know something is rotten i throw it away and don’t care what it cost.

This team could be absolutely in the nfc championship game again with Sloter. People have to see the potential, but cousin’s is fully wasting our time. If we get to the super bowl, won’t we make the money back from letting kirk sit on the bench?

Be the bold coach,do the right thing here.


    The problem is that Zimmer and Rickie went all-in on Kirk. This year it’s a turning point. Next year, it’ll be a river year. With luck and the right calling, either win big if not, Zimmer and Rick will be fired. To maximize Kirk, they gotta protect him early from getting his head ring a ding. If not it’s gonna be a long day. I’m with you, Sloter has heart and a strong mind in which Kirk is lacking.

Mark Watson

They act like the Bears didn’t dominate them two straight times last year lol

    Legoat James

    Different year. Better bears are fucking trash. Super trash. I.guarantee they won’t make playoffs


They rushed for over 150 each game last year. Time to stop TALKING about being a good defense and PLAY like a good defense. Dear god it’s not like their O-line is anything special or they have great running backs. No excuses.

Burning Karma

I love Zim, I love that DEF, Im still behind Kirk.
Kirk making a big play to win against CHI would sure help with the doubters.
But if the season was lost, maaaan Stefanski and Sloter would have been a great fresh start.

Quashae Darby

Please stop with this Kirk scare me crap. Kirk threw for 5,000 yards in Washington had 3 receivers almost 4 over 1000 yards. Zimmer offenses stink with the pass. Once u establish your identity then your open up the offense accordingly. Mix it up use Diggs and Theilen and Kirk skills which along with Dalvin and and strong D. If you get to stuck on running the ball this will be a short playoff run,one and done

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