Winning Formula: Can The Minnesota Vikings Defense Continue To Take During The Giving Season? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Winning Formula: Can The Minnesota Vikings Defense Continue To Take During The Giving Season?

On this week's "Vikings GamePlan," Paul Allen is joined by "Vikings Game Day Live's" Ron Johnson and comedian Cy Amundson to discuss the keys to this Monday's showdown between the Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers, Minnesota's defense and its ability to generate turnovers, and setting up another showdown with first-ballot Hall of Famer, Aaron Rodgers.

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Chi Nolan

GB doesn’t stand a chance TBH!!!

Sione Aonga

Lets go Viks ✊🏽 ain’t no cakewalk just win!

Skoldier Soup

SKOL! Border battle we are winning this time!


The Vikings are so bad how are they 10-4? They stink

    Gary Oak

    true grit yeah and they were given a game that they lost. Which isn’t the first time they’ve had that happen either. They are 10-4, but thanks to the refs their record shows they’re 11-3. It’s too bad that Rodgers is blowing every ref in the league.

    Handful of Baby Carrots

    @Gary Oak dude they have the number one referee assistance in the entire league.

    Gary Oak

    Handful of Baby Carrots yeah, it’s not even close. Every single game. You could go as far as saying every game they play is rigged in their favor. I wouldn’t argue against it. The evidence is there.


    @true grit pretty good dude

    Handful of Baby Carrots

    @Gary Oak yeah for sure. Same with the patriots. They won the superbowl last year and this year they have one of the easiest schedules in the entire nfl. And the teams that are just ok, like 50/50 have some of the hardest.


Lets go viks lets just go out there and win the game against the packers. #SKOL


Roast to start was hilarious


Lets go SKOL! ☝️

ryan damon

SKOL 💛💛💛💜💜

true grit

It’ll be a battle between the special teams and defense .

    Gary Oak

    true grit umm no.

true grit

G.B. is already in the playoffs !

    true grit

    @Gary Oak what’s your problem ?

    true grit

    If the pack don’t win in the playoffs I hope the bike win .

    true grit

    Viks win ,, stupid auto . Speller ..

Brian Harting

Let’s go baby let’s go!!! Beat the Fudgepackers. We got this. Skol Vikings Skol!!!!

M z

Vikings RBs Dalvin Cook (chest) and Alexander Mattison (ankle) only two Vikings not to practice.

Cody Morgan

Eric kendricks is gonna be our best linebacker of all time when he’s done

Will Meyers

Big difference is the packers don’t have their paid off refs to help them out when playing at MN!

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