Wink Martindale: ‘I’ve always considered myself an underdog’ | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Wink Martindale: ‘I’ve always considered myself an underdog’ | New York Giants

Defensive Coordinator speaks to the media before Thursday's practice.

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New York Giants

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John Will

Love this guy! Please stay for at least 5 yrs

    King Tolo



Glad we lost atleast to you wink. GoodLuck rest of the way 💜🖤💜🖤 Forever Peace ✌️


Very competent defensive coordinator. His attitude emulates the defense’s consistent progress. Hope he is a long term giant.

    JNG 2281

    lucky if we still have him next yr


Does he not look cool? Hope he sticks around.


These coaches are so locked in to game planning and installation during the week, I assure you they couldn’t care less who a Vegas computer model (which is straight-up correct less than 65% of the time) says is going to win the game. I’ll never understand why paid reports ask coaches about favorites/dogs, unless it’s to elicit a click-bait story.


We got the swaggiest coaching staff in the league I swear…💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

    H MJ

    Made me buy a new fitted 😆


Resilience was the word used to describe the team before we took the perfect season away from Brady and Bill.


Superbowl bound!

Sly Cooper

LFG WINK!!!! Another beautiful defensive game plan is already cooked up!!!! Ima say as a defense we are gonna get 5 sacks!!! 1 a piece for Leo and Dex, 2 for Kayvon! And 1 for Julian! This guy impresses me every single week!!!! 5-1 is great, but 6-1 sounds a lot better! LFG GIANTS!!!!

Joe Diaz

Wink Wink the Giants are on the way to a great season!

    Francis Moran

    The future is bright 😎

Anthony Razza

Sign him till he has to be wheeled off the field, along with Daboll, Kafka! Let’s get our guys healthy now. 💪

Nuke Laloosh

wink’s defense is a great blend of power, aggressiveness & creativity

World's Heaviest Jam Band

I see Wink in a video and I click that video

bruce lau

Absolutely love this guy , he absolutely should stay in New York for the next 4-5 years


Always respects the opponent. No bulletin board comments from this coaching staff.
“Grab your lunch pale and go to work

Joshua S

I think I’m legit probably most scared about loosing this guy man. Love the Sh!@#$% outta him with our team.

hollywood fats

what a godsend. wink has been so valuable to this team. gettleman probably would have not hired him


He’s one of those guys that don’t have to yell to get his point across, that man is super seasoned


The way he plays with o lineman’s minds is incredible . If the opponent has rookie o lineman expect sacks

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