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Albert Boomer

yo is this an nfl related rick and morty reference? give this man a raise

    Albert Boomer

    @Juan Ignacio Ordoqui lmao this guy gets it

    Rick Sanchez

    Lmao. You saw me and linked the 2.

    Rick Sanchez

    @Albert Boomer god dammm

    Shiv Desai

    @Alien Pumpkinhead *are

iMennu ___

At least the saints is scoring the same points as the bears 🐻 down

    Jake Green

    @WoozyNutz yep this been a good game

    Gg Pin

    iMennu ___ what’d usay🤣🤣

    Obasi Okoronkwo

    Lost by 2 points…

    Jake Green

    @Obasi Okoronkwo should of been 5 second half they took 26 secs of instead of just 10 should of been left with 32 secs not 16 us vs the refs and whoever else this season

    Loyal Cowboys Fan

    Bears arent making no NFC Championship my Saints @ Eagles

Charles Amofordjuoh

Still can’t believe Chicago passed up on this guy

    Myran Williams

    Peace That was a good one 😂😂 I agree with you sir.


    Myran Williams 😂😂😂

    Arron Firestine

    @Peace Kordell Stewart


    Arron Firestine yep kordell steward. 👍🏾👍🏾. That was about 20 years ago.


Who else not watching the game live because yah don’t got ESPN?😁😂

    Michon Sabb

    Larry Legend is a GOAT good thing I got directv which has both

    Arion Starks

    @Bill Bailey Only in those particular teams’ cities

    Wavy Ja'van

    Ever heard of chanel 13

    England is my CITY

    @Wavy Ja’van where you live

    Wavy Ja'van

    England is my CITY .Houston,texas

Benny Hath

Jerry Smith is so pathetic lol

Samuel Johnson

That is by far the most confusing title for an NFL video ever


    @Nathaniel Moore What?! I thought he won an appley.

    Nathaniel Moore

    Crimsonfang that’s even more confusing

    Monster Kookie

    Everybody wants to see how creative they want to be.


    Hey, who let the intern name the video?

    Marcus Middleton

    He caught a ball over Eli Apple then used the only reference he knew for the title which is a Rick and Morty reference. Weak but bold af

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career

the saints have such bad luck. lol. Making a play is one thing, but to have the rules go against you by taking away 10 seconds from 26 seconds, damn. lol. Such bad luck.


what a beautiful pass by Watson!


    Rocket Power not referring to its accuracy. Just love the look of the pass, that’s all.

    Rocket Power

    Still an under thrown pass, in that case you should say what a beautiful play.


    Rocket Power okay. I’m so sorry.

    Rocket Power

    No need to be sorry, my bad for being a pushover.

Michael Murray

The Hungry for Apples reference is awesome but the description makes it so much better lol

    Marcus Middleton

    Michael Murray nice! Hope they keep it up

Omar Lee

If Will Fuller can stay healthy that offense will be hard as hell to stop.

    Derrick Badon


Steven Bedford

*Will Fuller Hungry For Apples!!!!*

Jerry Smith Wants To Know Your Location🤣

David Horowitz

Beautiful catch, beautiful rushing TD!! On fire!!

Pil Lump

I’ve been said for years Fuller is so underrated

Brotherly Love Productions

The second Rick and Morty reference by NFL channel… I applaud you. 👌

Ps: the description makes this golden.

    Julie Galvin

    Brotherly Love Productions what was the first one?

    Brotherly Love Productions

    They had a title last year on another video with the same reference


Too bad Jerry Smith won’t get the credit ,#R&M back in Nov

Dom Demonte

My- my-my-my man!


Jerry Smith has logged in.


Regular season has no meaning. Just rename the Lombardi to The Patriots Trophy. We all know it’s going to be a pats Superbowl again.

Greg Keelen

Nfl+Rick and Morty.. someone needs a pay raise!!


Rick and Mort for sure even the description says it

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