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We haven’t even seen the Eagles final form yet lol.

    Hombre Astuto

    This is true. They still are a new team. Jalen second season starting and the coaches have been together for a year. AJ brown is new to the team and yet they are undefeated. They are going to IMprove. They are a good team but not great yet. The Lu are getting some help because the other teams are really bad this year. Eagles can’t help that though. This is a great time to have a complete team.


I predict 15-2 season. Go birds 🦅🦅🦅

    Scruff D0g

    @bradhard I’m thinking packers pull off shocker Sunday night, at cowboys and week giants because They rest their starters with the 1 seed clinched. So 14-3


    I don’t disagree with you but I hope your wrong about the cowboys game lol

    Isaiah Prout


    demartrae harris


    Niel Cary Ibay

    @Scruff D0g i think we win against the packers since that is at home but i think we’re going 14-3 as well which i believe would be enough to take the #1 seed

Saint Ant

They will lose when they come back after bye. Go birds 🦅


As an eagles fan, I don’t care if we stay undefeated. As long as them cowboys don’t win the super bowl I’m ok with everything that’s happening.

    L.M Moss

    @Lawrence Pfeiffer you bugging with that prediction all of us are making the playoffs just not the order your thinking of

    Lawrence Pfeiffer

    @L.M Moss you would be correct…my bad.


    The Cowboys aren’t winning the Super Bowl, lol. You don’t have to worry about that.


    I was born too late to see the Cowboys be relevant and 20+ years of my life all I’ve seen is Cowboys failures and I love it. I don’t know what I’d do if they won a Superbowl.

New ERA 🎯 Izzÿ

Creating turnovers for your team and not turning over the ball will win you a lot of games

Joseph Van Horn

Andy Reid has said many times to give him an efficient quarterback, a couple of great tackles, corners, and a pass rusher or two who can apply pressure and he can contend for a chip every single time. He could make the rest of the roster work no matter WHAT. Well, the Eagles have the best cornerback duo in the league. Their receivers are pretty good too. Their tackles are great like their offensive line in general. They get to the quarterback just fine. I could literally write a book about the winning stuff Jalen Hurts brings every single week. They absolutely have to stop playing with their food in the second half of blowouts turned close games but the Eagles are the best team in the NFC. Super Bowl 57 should be (NEEDS to be) Eagles vs Bills.

    John Omalley

    @Futurze yeah as long as the Vikings fan don’t come to Philly and dress the statues in Purple and Gold again if they do they’re in for a rude awakening🤣

    Chris S

    @Futurze Vikings don’t want that smoke again.


    @Futurze not if the game in philly😂


    @Jay Lewis bills lost by 2 points the first matchup in hurricane like winds. When the wether wasn’t that much of an issue the bills completely blew them out.
    Our front 4 has vastly improved since then as well. Any team can beat anyone on any given Sunday, but I don’t think I got philly in my top 5 teams I’d be afraid of playing in the super bowl. Philly is the best team in the nfc right now but as we all know teams get on hot and cold streaks thru out the year and I doubt the Eagles will still be the number one seed after week 17.


    The only team I can see knocking Philly off, is the 49ers. They have everything you just said, Jimmy G is clearly efficient enough to get them to the NFCCG again, but I hope the Eagles get past them, that feeling I had when we won the SB was ridiculously amazing lmao


Congrats on 10mil!


I’m a Dallas fan like my dad but if the eagles go all the way to the super bowl and win I’d honestly be proud because it’ll show everyone the nfc east is no damn joke


    Even a blind squirrel finds a nut eventually the nfc east is garbage regardless if one of the teams win the Super Bowl this season


    @?? eagles just won one 5 seasons ago and they only division where all teams have a ring so stop


    @?? The NFC East also has the most combined Superbowls of every division in football do your research before you make a dumb statement like that the NFC East has been the most successful division in football history

Nathaniel Scott

We have two #1 corners . What can you do against our db’s. 😳😳😳😳

Sebastian Stoner

Will they stay undefeated? No. will they win the super Bowl against the Buffalo bills? Yes🤞💪😌 #JalenHurts Vs #JoshAllen

Anotherway 18

Stop blaming their schedule how many good teams are in the nfl this year? Who’s fault is that? 😂

Alex T.

Their Linebackers are good!


There’s no reason to even play in the last game if you already have the first seed locked up might as well just let that game go to the practice squad


As much as I’d like to see an undefeated season, It’s just too hard to do. They’re going to lose some games at some point.

Brandon Bauder

It’s only 6-0, way too early for this conversation.

Brandon Bauder

What’s scary is they haven’t played as well as they can and have players still developing that are playing at pro.bowl level and better. Think about their ceiling when the score the entire game, stop letting teams crawl back into the games. Imagine how good they will be with Mailata developing another season and Hurts applies his work ethic to future lessons learned this season.


Undefeated would be pretty cool but I’d rather lose a game before the playoffs. Being undefeated going into the playoffs add more pressure. I’d say 15-2


YES, if they continue to play teams that didn’t make the playoffs in the last 2 years… OH and backup QB’s


    Rush wasn’t “just a backup QB” when the Cowboys were winning the last 4 weeks. And the 5-1 Vikings are a bad team??? 🤨 Stop making excuses they’re not gonna go undefeated but as of rn they’re the best damn team in the NFC

Leif Skjoldal

They will lose a game or 2 that’s my prediction and I think NFC CHAMPIONSHIP WILL BE EAGLES AND VIKINGS ? your thoughts please anyone

Mike We'd

All I gotta say is Howie Roseman !

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