Wide Receiver Devin Smith On His Rise Up The Cowboys Depth Chart | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Welcome devin Smith. Keep making plays. We want you in Dallas.

Chop Chop

This man is about to make roster cuts with the way he’s playing! Could have had 2 TDs in the preseason but Rush didn’t see him wide open in the endzone for the game winner! He will be our 6th receiver on the team! He’s ballin right now earnin his spot!

Robert Bennett

I can’t imagine what these young guys go through. To get injured and bounce back.
Some are lucky, but the Cowboys got lucky with this young man. He’s a Jalen Smith type player who landed in the right place.
He also reminds me of another Smith who ran out of time here in Dallas, Jimmy Smith, who was a more than notable Wr.

    Byron Dotson

    Damn Rob… You’re showing your age… I thought I was the only one who remembered Jimmy Smith played for us first!!!

Henry Hill

Pray this guy makes the team. He has blazing speed and is finally healthy!!! Thank you NY jets


When did they sign AL B. Sure from 1988? Lol



Eddie V

He could be a diamond in the ruff we are hoping for!


    He needs to stay healthy first!

    Dividend Income

    @jat0977 did he already get injured this year?

    Eddie V

    @Dividend Income No. Hopefully he can stay healthy as a #5 or #6 it may be worth the chance.

    Eddie V

    @jat0977 True. Hopefully he can shake the injury history in Dallas.

Film Productions

You got this bud, keep working and everything will fall into place, good luck this year bud

Whip Tech

Redundant questions ffs…great story tho. Keep chopping wood


*Another great acquisition!*

David W. Johnson

I like Devin Smith better than Noah Brown ……..I also want to see more of Cedrick Wilson. He has good speed and good hands. I think he has Randy Moss potential 🙂

    Tyler Main

    That’s a huge statement man.

    Dividend Income

    I’m a big fan of Wilson as well. I’m hoping he makes the team. Wilson is way better than Brown without a doubt. That’s not even a question.


My job waz to make a play so i did


He’s already more productive than Noah Brown💪

    Dividend Income

    I’m hoping they keep this guy and Cedric Wilson on the roster.

    D B

    Brown might go on injured reserve which I think won’t make him ready to play until week 8 ? Am I right?


Ok so Cooper; Cobb, Gallup, Austin, and Smith as WRs with Witten. Daing they cn be one of the best depth we have had in forever 😂💀

    Gerry Stevens

    Noah Brown is the #6 WR. If he stay health he is fearless.

    Dividend Income

    I’ll take Cedric Wilson over Tavon Austin and Noah Brown any day

    kevin harper

    I’d use TAustin as the 3rd RB on the depth chart behind Zeke and Pollard of course but he will be used mainly for PR and sneaky big plays.. My 6 WR’s would be Coop. Gallup. Cobb. NBrown. CWilson. DSmith… That provides great versatility and explosiveness

    Gerry Stevens

    @kevin harper You know he always said he was a running back. He has big records coming out of the State of Maryland. Dunbar HS is a National Powerhouse. 1st Round pick out of West Virginia. He ruined my Baylor Bears. 😂😂😂

    I can see Read Pass Option by No. 4 who options to No. 10. Play call by Coach Moore.

    D B

    @Dividend Income Austin is our KR.

Dividend Income

Let’s keep 6 WR’s…. I present you the 6th man.


We need this Man, his speed and deep threat ability. Come on Cowboys keep 6 guy’s at WR.

Byron Dotson

Great response… “Not that I was a 2nd round pick, but that I can play this game…” Great response!!!

Mitchell Lewis

Great to see the kid getting it done! Stay strong Dev stay hungry

Toni W

He has had tough start to career, (injuries) has work hard , now has chance to make team, he should b over N. Brown, //C. Wilson,

Joey Fingaz

With Devin playing the way he is, he’ll make the roster for sure. He can be deadly as our no.5, that’s crazy depth.

Slap Ahoe

When it rains🌧 it pours! When you hit on all your core positions in the draft good players just seem to fall in your lap!

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