Receiver Amari Cooper discusses his view of the offense under Kellen Moore, and how they plan to utilize him this upcoming season.

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46 replies on “Wide Receiver Amari Cooper: “I Love The Play Calls” | Dallas Cowboys 2019”

  1. @Tristan Blue That drunk you can come back and get it done before he leaves at least one day! iight?

  2. They should have episodes on how he trains he’s better then Antonio Brown to me tbh ..

  3. I like his attitude love the game and get his money later but i love to see him get paid 💯💯

  4. Amari’s demeanor has changed so much! He seems so comfortable here now. Love how he doesn’t care about money either. This guy is great.

  5. totally agree..truth is it’s tough to stay competitive when all ur guys get max deals..I really hope our core guys get paid but are at least reasonable enough with these deals so we can keep a team together for yrs to come..I hate when u give out so many max deals to the point where then ur team is cap strung and cant compete for 3-4yrs..

  6. This is the type of player every team should want. Hungry and humble. Unlike bad attitude Antonio brown

  7. I’m blown away by this young man 😁 he just loves football and knows he’s going to get payed

  8. @Jesse Sherman Yaaas! So different from before with his short answers. You can tell he truly feels more at home now.

  9. I really don’t understand why more players aren’t like him. I understand the trash talk and actually enjoy it in some instances but I mean more as far as the money goes. He knows he’s great, he knows he going to get life changing so why stress it.

  10. Amari Cooper single handedly changed the culture of this offense. You literally have to pick you poison. Great route tree, strong and fast. Let’s go do this Cowboys!!! #DC4L

  11. @james macauley People go money crazy. Guess we can’t really know how we would act in their situation unless we actually were in their situation. Maybe you and I would not be as humble as we would like to think we would be if we were an elite NFL player. That makes me like Amari even more! 🙂

  12. Don’t get me wrong I love my cowboys but there’s no comparison between coop and ab…ab is very talented. But you’re correct he does need to fix that attitude.

  13. Mr. Ankle Breaker himself. Love this kid. Those cornerbacks best be taping those ankles up nice and tight. Lol. Amazing route runner.

  14. I rather have cooper than all the deva receivers complete team player just wants to play football, but he does deserve a good contract and he will get it.

  15. There’s more to situations than you know not saying he wasn’t being selfish, just saying there could be a lot more involved, plus AB got work ethic, theres no denying that. He just pulled a shady move. But at the end of the day, he also is working out with that team year round and playing with them so he should be on a team he likes

  16. @Tommy Counts Exactly, so why would you want a Shady person on your team. You think like many other dumbass GMs in the league.

  17. @Tommy Counts Also in case you didnt know, being shady is part of having a bad attitude. Dumbass😂😂

  18. Worst questions I’ve heard in a long time lol common sense questions….
    Press: were just here to get a pay check lol

  19. There is only one nation and thats raider nation come on cowboys fans get your own slogan

  20. @Indian Child where u see how amari train? I seen alotta vids bout ab no cap he train hard asf fr

  21. They were one of top offenses in NFL Dak & Zekes 1st 24 games (2016 & half of 2017) … they can do it

  22. All it is is opportunities.. A.B. has gotten A-LOT MORE passes thrown to him in his career. Give Coop the same amount of passes he will probably have the same yards and TDs A.B. has had in past seasons. Coop did OUTPLAY A.B. last 8 games of season tho

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