Why Thomas Davis Will be a Key Addition to Chargers Defense – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Douglas Strawn


Steve donttrip

It’s definitely our year baby!!!

Courtney Richardson

Bolts all day

thunderbolts 24

can imagine if the linebackers can stay healthy this year. They will be #1 defense this season. Go Bolts.

    A.T X

    BB Clover 2010 cowboys bro

    A.T X

    BB Clover 2010 not looking to good rn with the whole Zeke situation

    BB Clover 2010

    A.T X cowboys are up their too. y’all basically have every position

    BB Clover 2010

    A.T X zeke will most likely get a contract


    The Secondary is all kinds of banged up right now.

m stegs

Every year we say this is the one. It’s got to come together eventuality right!?

    Above Average Gamer

    m stegs that’s called hope my friend. Let’s hope together. ⚡️⚡️⚡️


    no that logic doesn’t really work but i wish it did


    Above Average Gamer Hope is saying it won’t happen at all you have to believe


Against the redskins I liked how he turns around and pats the ball down. I am looking forward seeing him on sundays


Chargers coaching staff is pretty good. Personally, I think Bradley is one of the better defensive minds in the game.

    Noah Costalez

    Alex Mendez Bradley call the game he was forced to. By that game almost every playmaking linebacker the bolts had was injured. He had to play the 6 DB personnel and the Pats took advantage by running it down their throats.


    @Alex Mendez just about every team in the league has called the wrong game against the patriots for the past 19 years. Don’t throw Gus under the bus when we had zero linebackers healthy. We also run a nickle zone scheme that had no interior pass rush against a quarterback who excells at playing against zone and usually only gets flustered against interior pass rush.

    Alex Mendez

    @WhenimBoredPro Either way, it was a game to forget about. It was pretty sad to see that sort of performance going up against the Brady Bunch. From what I know, Bradley has had a history of having trouble w the Pats defensively. I could see how our LB core wasnt the best & a lot of adjustments were being made but idk.. just hate NE lol.

    SuperCD 7478

    He’s like Todd Bowles, not an amazing coach, but a great DC.

    arthur douglas

    @Alex Mendez Bradley didn’t switch up

    But thats football you make a mistake in adjustments you learn and do better.


Number 1 desired ability in a Chargers LB = Health.

Johnny TheGod

Chargers have a full team but the thing that kills our season is we lost to many players due to injury which we have to do better this year try to stay healthy for the full season

David Powell

Defense this year is a lock. Shutdown defense all year


Did anyone else see the Redskins RB WIDE open on that clip?


Defense!!! Super Chargers!!! ASAP!!! —- Let’s Go Bolts!!!!

Justin Wilson

On pass plays I want Kyzir in there but I do think Thomas helps the run game tremendously

SuperChargerBoy Twitch

Nice job Gus, but next time do this analysis
N A K E D !

RathDavid Hy

Old Man Davis still got it man!!! Love this move from day one. He is gonna be special.

Keaden Wheeler

Chiefs still gonna win what a joke he a good linebacker tho😭😭

matthew foster

Need to get the left tackle situation taken care of, or it could be a long year for Phillip.

Yacan Son of Israel

grandpa should retire

Nathan Cady

I love these breakdowns. Keep em coming!


Thomas Davis is out of his prime, and would be lucky to stay healthy all season.

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