Why Miles Boykin Is a Key Evaluation | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Miles Boykin Is a Key Evaluation | Ravens Final Drive

Do the Ravens feel they have a No. 2 WR opposite Marquise Brown, or should they invest major offseason resources into the position?

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All things sports by logan


Oui Bay

All he has to do is get stronger in his upper body and refine his route running.. But this draft has too many wide receivers to pass on.

    Nightmare Kilo

    I’m telling you man it’s strong

    Luke Puckett

    If CeeDee Lamb is available then we have to pick him up

Frank L

He’s open on tape alot. Lamar clearly doesn’t trust him yet. He needs to work on boxing out style catches. With his frame he should be a post machine


    Frank L underrated comment he was open a lot his hands are glued up he just didn’t use his body well when it comes to contested catches but he also didn’t get many chances to show if he was capable of doing so Lamar Boykin and Brown all have to hit the field together for drills this offseason

    Garrison Armand

    Frank L wym ?? He doesn’t have lamars trust he caught like 2 tds from Jackson this season and like a 50 yard catch in the Seattle game. If anything he didn’t get a lot of reps since Seth Roberts and willie Snead started but he should definitely be a vertical threat type of wr since he’s tall and he can be a mismatch for smaller defensive backs

Derrick luv

Naw, grab a good WR thru free agency.
Boykin will be good but he has a way to go and Hollywood will be a 🌟 but Boykin needs to develop more.

    Jon Jon

    Derrick luv man i wat jaleel scott and boykin out there!! i dont wanna pay a guy and we should snag a premier name early at say olb or ol

    king shark

    Fk off another wr draft class, like the 2016 class, when they started bringing in al those outsiders from Steve Smith to Crabtree, and non of it worked, and the wrs we drafted never got develop and washed out.

    Stick with what we draft and develop it. No more outsiders.


    Jon Jon theyre still on rookie contracts.. we might as well keep him to see what his potential is


    king shark i agree. Bringing in all these star receivers will take away what we alreay have, which is Hollywood and boykin, both young and fully capable of being great.

    king shark

    @RaidSIZZ … yessss, we have to learn from our mistakes, we screwed over a entire wr draft class, on guys in free agency that didn’t even pan out.

    You right develop our own, day 1 to the championship.

michael perry

Add more

Danny Dorito

Get rid of Roberts, Boykin has a ton of potential

    Paperguy360 Guy360

    Danny Dorito yes that’s what I’m saying

    Paperguy360 Guy360

    And Roberts only has a 1 year contract

    Liu Kang Kixx

    I feel like Roberts could be like a Torrey Smith but if we had to let one go yea Roberts can go plus he had major drops in the playoffs

Craig Johnson

Miles size and NFL Combine stats reminds me of Julio Jones. He has a lot of potential and I’m sure that he’ll ascend in his second year.

Sang Nguyen

He needs to work on getting seperated from his defenders, he would be dangerous if he did and if jaleel scott can get some reps

king shark

Hmmmm, … uhh trace mcsorley used Boykin as his go to and both made the team.

Lamar, gave him a couple looks, but if greg dont scheme him and wrs into the mix, Jackson gone stick with brown and tight end plays.

Frank Crocetti

BOYKIN will no doubt for the first time work with Lamar in the off season with all the Receivers before training Camp. Willing to Bet he Plays a Much Bigger Part this year. His timing And route running should be much better.

king shark

Wr this, we that…. but if;
The tight ends – 125 catches
Wrs – 128 catches

Then what’s the deal, you got
3 te’s with just one getting 70% of te catches and 40% of total combined team catches.

What we gone bring a wr in, to take from brown, and then call brown a bust.

It’s our scheme….. it’s getting Lamar to develop beyond just two guys in Andrews and brown. That will take time maybe a season or two.

But, expecting a big through the air yr for Jackson, his health, development, and future payday depends on it.

D 3

Keep him….play Scott more and get Wesley off of the practice squad!!!! We have weapons but we don’t game plan with them. Everything in the passing game revolves around the TEs. We need to have more variety.


Got to keep him and judon

Oui Bay

Boykin can become Willie Snead!

    Nate The Great

    Oui Bay He can be better

Gary Allen

Draft Jalen Raegor

Jason Hunt

They need more talent at the position. Bring in some veteran WRs

Flatline Production

Dez Bryant??


D.J. Chark and Lamar got a cool relationship, would love if we traded for him


Idk man. I saw him drop a lot of catches in our final playoff game.


Boykin hot and cold with gator arms at times.

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