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Agree 100%. Chargers interior O-Line was crucial to the teams success last year. The Tackle position was less impressive and with Okung injured, there is some cause for worry. All other positional areas are pretty good. Maybe another LB. GM, IMO is one of this team’s best performers.

    Joshua Taylor

    our O-line was one of the worst in the league last year, dont think it was that crucial


    @Joshua Taylor I do not get how PFF grades a center, he was ranked one of the worst but these are all well executed assignments by Pouncey.

    Joshua Taylor

    @ADM because whoever made the video only showed you his highlights, they wouldnt show u when Pouncey got beat or allowed pressure


Jesus look at that blocking.

Chuck Palumbo

Preciate you pounce

Eydie Esgana

I love Baldinger’s insights and how breaks things down. Absolutely agree about Pouncey. So glad he’s a Charger! ⚡️⚡️⚡️


I agree with you 100 percent. He made the huge difference in our offensive line.

Jacob Dube

Facts! Mike was a difference maker all year

Albaro Hernandez

Can’t lie love my whole charger team!

Jeremy Drysdale

I love how the first play is the offsides miss call lol

Eddie George

YOU Mean San Diego Chargers!

    Legend__ 21

    Lmao it’s LA now bro…i miss SD too, but moving to LA was for the best

Legend__ 21

If our o line can stay healthy and stay consistent then we literally have no weaknesses💪🏾⚡💯

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Legend__ 21 Thomas is very old and a little slow but still a good linebacker

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Legend__ 21 and u guys better hope yall running back come back when the season starts

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Legend__ 21 btw im a chiefs fan good luck

    Legend__ 21

    @Keaden Wheeler yea I hope we sign Melvin especially after losing derwin so we can take some pressure off defense and I appreciate it bro💯

    Keaden Wheeler

    @Legend__ 21 yea bro I hope the chiefs have enough cap money for Patrick and everyone else…btw good luck this season


Underrated??…pouncey been an elite veteran C for years now lol…anyone who knows a little football should know that

    Iron Reel

    RighteousCaliKid420 dolphins didn’t know it

Erick Sedano

Thanks for giving Pouncey the credit he deserves, he was as stellar as they come!


I dont know why but the justin jackson screen made me laugh. Looks pretty funny how he juked himself out and broke his own ankles. Probably would of scored to. 1:37

Nathan Cady

3:33 Elite-level NFL blocking


LMFAO Baldy did Patrick Onwuasor’s name dirty


3:33 was beautiful

Caleb Julius

Everyone will be a chargers fan by the end of this year

matthew foster

Unless a replacement left tackle does a solid job this year, it will be the Chargers aquilles heel. Then without a super solid RB, tough sledding. Although I think they should hold their ground regarding Melvin Gordon. They made him a respectable offer, and he declined. I feel he’s over playing his hand. “I felt disrespected. ” $10 million disrespected. Let him go. I’ve lost some respect for the guy. He’s not seeing the big picture. He will live to regret this all one day, if he doesn’t meet ownership halfway. They have stood behind him through a couple of lean years, and he missed 4 games last year.

RCC Highlights


Dwayne K

This man needs to be the s captain forresl

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