Why Marlon Humphrey May Be the NFL’s Top Cornerback | Ravens Final Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE


Julian Shipp Jr

The most underrated corner in the game right now

Elias Ghanem

I hope he gets a pick 6 off Dalton this Sunday

    Markus Shaw

    Elias Ghanem same


Mmm says the Ravens nation 😂

Kai Sommers

Man, he is number 1 to me, he always shows up when the game depends on him, that’s what I like about him


Now imagine if everyone else played even close to as good as this

Bodymore MDummy

Humphrey was a top 15 corner his rookie year was top 10 his second year and is now he’s top 5 easy in his third once our secondary start jelling going boost him into that top spot

Lion Thomas

Shows you don’t matter how you start a game, it’s how you finish!!!

king shark

Pay this guy before his cb market sticks it to us. Get Humphrey deal done early.

    Dennis Rodman

    king shark jimmy smith isn’t bad we’re still hurt we’ll be good

    Dennis Rodman

    we need to go in this draft and get us a great edge rusher

    king shark

    @Dennis Rodman … jimmy is microwave oven bell sound. The injuries and missed time is too frequent, he gave his best, but time to get stability in his spot.

    We have edge rushers, and currently they the only ones getting sacks, what we need is 4 guys getting to the qb and not just two edge rushers, time to get more athletic on the inside.

    A 330lb nose and 330lbs dt that just plug gaps and eat double teams, yet cant get to the qb , is handicapping us two players to get to the qb.

    We need to pull out the big bodies and put in beefed up athletic edge type guys in there, like the 49rs showed can work .

    Dennis Rodman

    king shark yeah i hear u but maybe just maybe and no offense to peanut but our linebackers aren’t helping us out either and that’s what interior lineman are supposed to do they plug gaps to stop runs idk whatever we do we gotta do it quick what was supposed to be a top 5 defense is getting exploited

    king shark

    @Dennis Rodman .. yep the coach is getting exposed, these young guys and earl Thomas instincts and move around isn’t as good as weddle’s seem to be so far.

    The linebackers are either blitzing or in coverage, so if the blitz don’t work, all has to happen is double team judon, and block McPhee, and no worry of the inside.

    Me, I would pull out Williams and pierce, plug in Ferguson and picard, more athletic and faster guys, to out speed guards and centers.

    Line backers will have more run responsibilities but we freeing up two extra spots for pass rush and not just gap fillers.

Jack Bentley

I like Lamar, but not when he doesn’t throw the ball or run it and gets sacked

El - Amin

Watching Marlon makes me even more thankful for what Latdarius Webb brought to the table for the Ravens because Lardarius exemplified the same mentality and effort that Marlon does…and Webby had those same characteristics despite coming from a snaller university and without being a first round draft pick.

Marlon is living up to the expectations and Lardarius exceeded any that he had.


west baltimore

Rest pass defense is trash uncludind thomas need jimmy smith back kuz earl thomas slow asf


I hope the Ravens go to the Superbowl

Vincent Coleman

If we feed off his energy as a unit, we’ll be great team at this point and a better record to this point!!! Let’s go Ravens!!!

RealRullah 727

Go Marlon glad he plays for us. Great pick Ozzie

Trying to get 10,000 Subs with no vids

Should be blue if you love the Ravens

Brian Fike

Marlon is a shining star in a dying galaxy.


This should be called “Why Marlon Humphrey IS the best cornerback this year” what he’s proving is why, such a great guy on and off the field

Leroy Worsley

Marlon Humphrey is a Baller!

thebull Devoe

1.Gilmore 2.Lattimore 3.Slay etc etc….He’s top 10 for sure

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