Why Keenan Allen is the Best Route Runner in the NFL – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ryan OP17

Big facts Keenan Allen most underated wide receiver butt he still best in nfl

    Idris Suhrheinrich

    Ty Hilton most unnderated wr for sure

Legend__ 21

Love the slayer⚡💯…but get Ramsey.

    Legend__ 21

    @Blueskull78 facts bro💯

    Legend__ 21

    @Jacob Sanders exactly bro and Ik it’ll be hard to get him, but all I ask is that they at least try to make an offer instead of sitting around and letting everyone else make moves…im tired of losing bro and we need to start making big moves like getting Ramsey cuz I want that chip ⚡🏆💯

    Antwan Bullocks

    Legend 21 straight facts

    Antwan Bullocks

    @Receiver vs Cornerback Highlights just saw it good quality subbed

    Legend__ 21

    @Antwan Bullocks 💯

Miguel Magaña

The slayer killing them slowly boltgang⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡💪💪💯💯💯💯

Armando Verdugo

Rivers slightly overthrew keenan on some plays too


To me he’s the best receiver in the NFL


Yes. But when we don’t get a W and can’t score more than 1 TD. I don’t get it.

    shane h

    @Alex MacLeod And don’t forget the two TDs the officials stole with horrible penalty calls.

    thunderbolts 24

    Bashar Al-Assad I completely get what you mean. 🤔

    Bashar Al-Assad

    Alex MacLeod ya Phil always comes back big after disappointing games. He’s about to go 24/27


    @Bashar Al-Assad and the fumble at the 1yd line. Im with you we just beat ourselves

    Bashar Al-Assad

    juans2328 oh forsure. Especially since our Oline played so well and our run defense was the best I have seen in a while


K A #13

Justin Wilson

Meanwhile with the game on the line Phillip Rivers throws into double coverage to Keenan Allen for a pick while Mike Williams was wide open in the end zone 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Rivers 619

    Rivers LOVES throwing into double coverage.

    B A

    Rivers 619 I heard Mike Williams was covered then when rivers released the ball he was not

    Justin Wilson

    B A my eyes showed me mike got passed his defender. Either way we could of took a sack and still kicked a field goal to tie the game up

Ricky King stays king

Keenan Allen the 🐐


Trade melvin and whatever else you need to for jalen

    TRO BonkyBoy

    Idk if they would trade Melvin the Jags have Fournette but you never know

    Ryan Duffy

    @TRO BonkyBoy yeah but they could get picks for melvin and send those picks to the jags

    spacebound jd

    @Ryan Duffy this more likely would be accepted by the jags, but we won’t be getting a first for Melvin. I don’t see that happening.

Angel Chavez

Trade for Ramsey!!!!! We know Slayer slays

John Sams jr

Bolt gang or dont dang straight up


Kelejayz Jadez

Keenan13allen killin ittt!! 💯 Fav WR lessgo Boltz!! ⚡⚡⚡

C Bleezy

Allen Iverson with the Cleats!!!

Ryan Duffy

Get some picks for Melvin Gordon, send those picks to get jalen ramsey, sign eric berry, get money

Ezequiel Ramirez

S L A Y E R putting the moves on Slay. He just built different 🤮🤢👽 That man a living legend ⚡🔥🐐


Been saying it since he came in the league best route runner hands down! But can someone appreciate Phil on the last throw of the clip!? My goodness.


The Slayer vs Slay and Slayer was slaying all day. Except for the INT at the end. That ending was completely unacceptable. Rivers just trust his favorites way too much to the point of being predictable while Benji and Iman can only make 1 play per game.


Why am I getting an ad with mahomes in it for a chargers video smh


Haha best route runner in the NFL!! Spoken like true Charger fan boys who have never played a day in their lives especially Tom Telesco jr. on the right and Slay isn’t an elite cornerback in this league. It certainly doesn’t matter if you have Philly Rivers throwing picks at the most critical point in the game or any game of significance for that matter. More squandered talent is what we all see and we’re lucky not to be 0-2 which is sad considering this team was supposed to be a super bowl contender.

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