Why Ezekiel Elliott is absolutely right to holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Ezekiel Elliott is absolutely right to holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Cowboys running back has every right to holdout for a new deal, and Chris Simms explain while diving into Dallas' contract issues. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #EzekielElliott
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Why is absolutely right to holdout | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

sean peterson

Dallas won’t win more than 9 games this season

    Adrian Cadena

    You wish

    Wally A

    You’re nuts…lol

    Akeim Sears

    Clown shut up lol

    sean peterson

    Akeim Sears I was being generous

    Akeim Sears

    @sean peterson watch cowboys will go 13-3

Owen Scarsdale

Well trade ya Gordon for Zeke..LOL⚡🤣⚡

Lupe Lucero

Ur absolutely correct he deserves to b paid as #1 RB he cannot be replaced!! Pay him Jerry Jones

    Let us Reason

    Zek needs to be reasonable. Yes, he needs to make what Todd Gurely made… but he does not need to make more than Todd, and set the market.
    There are too many other people on Dallas that need to get paid; thus, he cant be the highest paid running back ever.

Vipers Venom

We need to keep Smith,LVE n a couple others on D as well…all these guys demanding top dollar will screw our roster for next year…

    Mog Wi

    You could trade them for worse players who are cheaper or keep drafting good players. Cowboys fans cry like other teams dont have to manage talent and the nfl salary cap.

Ker Xiong

Some of these overpaid QB ain’t even good enough to shine Zeke shoes.


    u do watch football right? RBs in this day and age are expendable


    Ker Xiong Exactly you got average QB’s making elite money and everybody is mad at the elite RB that wants to be paid elite money, Zeke is way more important to the cowboys offense than the average QB


The NFL openly discriminates against running backs. They’re the one position that deserves guaranteed contracts.


    The issue is not the guaranteed contract, it is the rookie pay scale. Running backs should be eligible to sign a big contract immediately after the first year.

    James Ross


    Stacy Hunt

    If you have a guarantee contract you can’t holdout. I’m not paying you to sit out.

    Pier Louis

    Its a plantation, the owners will replace them, they’ll get any black running back in, they have a quarter back in place,

    RK Belmont

    Then say good bye to high drafted RB. They’ll go all undrafted or picked in day 3, dumped as soon as they ask for money.

David Crimmins

I get it. That guy is extremely good and worth a ton of money. Also at a position prone to injury. If I were him, I would NOT take any risk of injury before I got a new contract. No matter how long it takes. Taking a year off would be a perfectly reasonable decision at this point in his career.


    He already signed a contract saying he owes them two more years. Was he lying ?


There are always people who don’t understand what a contract really means. It DOES NOT force one, legally or morally, to play. It is just a mutual agreement that if one does not play, he must be subject to certain penalties. If one decides to accept the penalties to take a stand, that’s his choice. He is still honoring the agreement and no one has the right to bs about it.

Nick King

Cowboys is a playoff team but superbowl not likely you stop Zeke you stop the cowboys

erbol bek

It no collision rule for players, why Dak Cooper and Zik hold out together

Quinn Free

The cowboys need to pay Zek period!

JDR 749

It’s easy for you are you holes to say that,
After all, you ain’t forking over the money

RK Belmont

So Jerry Jones says an star RB is not needed to win a championship, which I agree. But he contradicts his actions. If he really believes this, then why did he spend a #4 overall on a RB? Jalen Ramsey and Deforest Buckner were on the board, both elite today at their respective positions, which would make their already great defense even better.

Tony B

i think sports contracts are way too public.


idk what it is about these idiots wanting dak to get so much money he is not worth the money

Chase McBrien

NFL is unfair to running backs. They get the most wear and tear.
They should get to negotiate a new contract after two years in the league.

jay lee

I would show up, but I would tell the team I’m on a rep and carry limit.

Randy Shopher

go ahead. They have your contract so In 3 years or so maybe another team will give you a shot. Just ask Kaepernick.

Etienne Scarbinski

Good let him sit for 2 years and take his chances on the market. About done with the NFL

Evidence of a Divine Presence

But Murray didn’t play a full season until 2014 he was injury prone

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