Why Dallas Cowboys should consider Adrian Peterson trade | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Why Dallas Cowboys should consider Adrian Peterson trade | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mike Florio explains why the Cowboys could send a real message to Ezekiel Elliott by trading for Adrian Peterson. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #NFL #DallasCowboys #AdrianPeterson #EzekielElliott
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Why Dallas Cowboys should consider Adrian Peterson trade | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Mark Moses

Adrian Peterson behind that line 2500 yards

    Brian Jungen

    @PrettyTone10377 I should know better than to comment BC…before coffee. 🙂

    Don P

    *2100 yards circa 2012…fixed it for ya Mark Moses

    myko freder

    He’s getting $1M now, has had less than 500 yards 3 of last 5 years. And Zeke looks at Peterson, he had a long in his prime career of 7 years, and since then has average under 500 yards a year and therefore is getting $1M a year. So Zeke’s career will be 80% over after the 5 years, and after 7 years he will be worth at best $3M a year and he knows that.

    Brian Jungen

    That may be true, but football players need to realize that average working folks are never going to feel sorry for them when after their first 40 something million dollar contract they can “only” make 3-5 million per year after that.

    Benjamin Peters

    Adrian Peterson is the only running back that can have a 90 yard td and not break 100 yards in that game

Fake Username

I’d be fine with that.

    Thalonius P. Funk

    You stupid.

Charles Amofordjuoh

Trade for Miller on the Texans instead.

David Sayimright

I doubt it. With the way we’re set up. We will wait, wait and wait until it’s too late. I will be surprised if we traded for AP

Tyler Stewart

Trade for Derrick Henry

    louie echevarria

    Dam that would be legit

    Red pilled

    He’s overrated. His only good game was against the Jags

Brandon L

Cowboys have more leverage with making Zeke sit for 2 years without pay. Very few people can stop working for 2 years even rich ones.

    Logan DeLarge

    Brandon L especially when you get fined every week you don’t participate

    Thalonius P. Funk

    Agreed plus he wants to be an all time great and up there stats wise with the all time greats.

    Brandon L

    @Thalonius P. Funk Jerry’s like “I’ll be dead before the end of the contract anyway”

martin man

I would go after John Kelly of the Rams.

emmanuel dukes

Peterson with that line he can easily get 1000yds


    He hit a thousand last year

    emmanuel dukes

    Patjersey3000 exactly man he is a machine

S. Vernon

Zeke has a ton of leverage, if Jerry wants to win a superbowl before he dies. Especially with Dak at quarterback and Garrett is head coach.


I agree


Ap behind that line at this stage of his career he can run for 1500 yard.

    Thalonius P. Funk

    You think he’s better than Zeke.


    @Thalonius P. Funk no not at this stage in his career is obvious but as a back up or starter that replace zeke for couple games a.p still got some tread left on the tires. The tires are bolding out but still some left. And if he can be zeke back up and can help on some drive a.p can still do it.


Yeah I get it zeke wants more money but didnt he get 14m just for signing his contract?

Justin Arledge

Go redskins but dont trade ap

Calvin Crawley

The Redskins would never do this trade unless y’all offer up your Left tackle lol

    Thalonius P. Funk

    Thats I’m saying. This is idiotic to even discuss.

robert ponce

Mike Florio you high this morning? Trade Zeke to a division rival for a washed up player? Please STOP!

Thomas Brann

how bout their2 rookie rbs?

Jack Of All Trade's LLC

DeMarco Murray return

Anthony Nastasi

This dude does not know what it means to “quantify” something with statistics….talking head idiocy.

Anthony Nastasi

Because Zeke missing games will shed light on Dak’s true market value, I hope Zeke sits out the whole season.

kenny mann

Redskins would not trade Peterson, He’s a Hall of Famer running back that had over 1000 yards Last year also nobody wanted Adrian Peterson cut by the Saints cut by the Cardinals Redskins took a chance with him and saved his career that’s why he is loyal and re-sign with the skins for two more years. Bet he runs for 1200+ yards this year with skins.

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