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So they beat the rams but not the giants wtf

    Robert Wicker

    They had little time to prepare for Jones.


    Or the 9ers?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    The bucs kicker “Gay” missed simple kicks. The bucs are a good team. They lead the nfl in pass yards last season. They really do well in the first half of games then get lazy or tired the 2nd half

    Spencer Lee

    Giants are better then the rams I guess

    Matthew Shortle

    Because their kicker is Gay

Worldstar 2.0

Of course it would be Suh with the dagger.


    Worldstar 2.0 or oj



Escocivo 30

The biggest difference was turnovers! Winston is finally being consistent!!!

    The Dynasty Continues

    Winston IS consistently turning the ball over. WTF u talking about?


    @Elijah Mitchell OMG, can you believe it????

    We have a Quarterback!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    He did throw a pick the last 4minutes of the game which the rams scored on. He gets nervous 2 half of games. He can be good in one game then be garbage the next. Very inconsistent QB.


    @MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million he made up for it with that game-clinching field goal drive. He’s exonerated.
    Then Barrett & BIG SUH put the icing on the cake.

Yoboi Boy

Upset of the week LMAO. What happened? 😂😂

    Heso Melo

    We suck that’s what happened


    A team got exposed.

    RJ Ante

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT Agreed 100%.

    Peter Ineleo

    Wouldn’t call it an upset, Rams don’t look as good this year,Gurleys fallen off, wouldn’t be surprised if Rams don’t win the division, or even miss the playoffs,Aaron Donald’s done nothing but injure Brees

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Shaq Barrett

Sacks – 9
Forced Fumbles – 3
Interceptions – 1

He also had another turnover but he didn’t get credit for it.


    @L G R W in 2017 Demarcus Lawrence had 9.5 sacks and 3 FF through the first 6 games as well, though he “only” ended up with 14.5 and 4. But like, even the mere idea of comparing Barrett to Tank shows how much of a player he’s improved and become.


    Where did we get this guy from???

    L G R W

    rtothemutha pretty sure he was a backup on the broncos behind chubb and von miller


    @L G R W the way he rushing the passer, you’d think he learned from V. Miller, B.Chubb, DeMarcus Ware, AND Neil Smith all at the same damn time!

    L G R W

    rtothemutha he’s tied nfl record for sacks thru 4 games of the season


Bucs beat the Rams on the road after losing at home to the Giants 🤔?

    dark gaming888

    So what I’m hearing is that the Giants are better then the rams

    Jon Davis

    MRTUPAC 28
    There’s players on the Bucs need to be paralyzed on a wheelchair not playing football

    JR Jones

    We lost by a missed FG and bucs are better on the road 2-0 on the road


Did sean mccvay forget that Todd Gurley is on his team. Reminder, Todd Gurley is more reliable than Jared Goff


    StudioSJS Bucs really good against run

    Antonio Melton-Molina

    drake1905 not that good


    TG has arthritis

    Barry Pilon

    Antonio Melton-Molina now look at the backs we played the last two weeks both playing Bette than Hurley this er and both destroyed by our d


    @Antonio Melton-Molina yea they are.

John Cena

No One:

Suh: Suh dudes I’m home

Honest Rios

Suh looking like he was about to tear his hamstrings 😂

    Michael Fraser

    afterburners and then the dance moves, I’m a Browns fan but seeing Arians, Evans, Winston and Suh so fired got me loving this team

matt mena

Did anyone catch that guy cichy break his arm. Looked brutal. Right after this touchdown on the kickoff.

Errol Nutcracker Spence Jr

Eating W’s like me


Yea the guy who made the tackle didnt do an important job its only cool to make the scorer look good 😎

Joseph Peralta

Im calling it now. The Bucs vs Rams highlight video will be the most viewed this week lol


    Joseph Peralta lmao no


Goff needs to give back at least 50% of that money he got paid this offseason.


Lol, how fitting. But the Rams gave up 54 points. Typical Rams, giving up tons of points whenever they score a lot


The Bucs really beat the Rams SMH


Imagine being in front of that thing trying to tackle it 😂😂


He went “Suh-whooo” on the Rams tonight.


Barrett is literally going to win Defensive player of the year

Carson Saathoff

Brings back memory’s of his cornhuskers years

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