Who will make Big Jumps in their Madden Ratings Next Year? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Sawyer Poulsen Reply

Derwin James 100%

    ceelos 21 Reply

    He’ll be a 96-97

    Chase Knuckles Reply

    Nice one

Nizix Reply

Make the current ones accurate first

Dameon Perrier Reply

Can’t wait for the season to start 🤞🏾

DerpSquadron Reply

Kyler Murray for sure

Big Play Slay Reply

Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson because both are so good and they are so accomplished and there ready to do more but Madden gave them a bad rating

Sports 311 Reply

Raheem Mostert has also made a big jump in the ratings

Gerrit Durant Reply

Alexander Johnson and Anthony Harris. Theyre both under 85 overall and can easily be above 90. Thats the right answer

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Tell that to @Vikings on Instagram and Twitter

    Keith Cousins Reply

    Gerrit Durant Go look at the videos on my channel. I dunno.

    kois kois Reply

    AJ Johnson gonna step up and help make this broncos defense even better

All up in the videos.... Reply

Madden 21 is broken lol. Especially franchise mode, which have been broken for years.

Will Cook Reply

Miles sanders hes underrated

    Mohammad Abuali Reply

    Will Cook facts

B J Reply

I’m saying David Montgomery
Also madden doesn’t have a position for long snappers they are just tight ends

Chris Eberly Reply

Imagine making the nfl feeling good about yourself and you get a 23 overall rating

    Keith Cousins Reply

    That’s what @kirkcousins on Instagram just DM’d @Vikings on Instagram while in a Zoom meeting with Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Joseph Maw Reply

Easily Deshaun Watson because of the super low rating madden gave him again this year! He’s one of the top young qbs and I think he’ll have another good season and maybe a playoff run!

J.D. Matthias Reply

I question the legitimacy of Madden ratings, period.

    Keith Cousins Reply

    J.D. Matthias Well tell that to @Vikings on Instagram and Twitter after you watch the videos on my channel.

Sheldon B Reply

Courtland Sutton 🔥🔥🔥

OfficialGlade Reply

Courtland Sutton and Kenny Golladay will both be top 10 WRs by the end of the season

TE Seahawk Reply

Dk Metcalf should be on here

Jimmy Jesus Reply

Deebo Samuel. Hes George Kittle at Wideout.

Brendan Geormer Reply

Hard to guess, since it isn’t really based on how good the players are, that’s for sure


Derek Carr 🔥

And if you think Carr sucks, you sleeping on him just him out he makes plays he understands the defense

G_mod_ Reply

Madden is a cash grab with no innovation. 2k needs come out strong with the next offering.

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