Who are the Bucs Targeting in Round One? | Road to the Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Who are the Bucs Targeting in Round One? | Road to the Draft

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips discuss topics leading up to the 2020 NFL Draft.

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Dominic Omegon

I’ve seen some mocks having Wirfs fall to us. That would be a tough call if both him and Kinlaw are at 14.

    whitesworld 23

    I’d rather have Wirfs. He can help improve our rushing attack. We have cap to improve or maintain the Dline.

Humble Servant

Olineman top priority bro. Draft a left tackle and put Smith at guard. His draft profile even said donovan smith struggles with speed rushers and slow to get out his stance but we still drafted him. Replace Dotson hes old and beat down. Find a pass rusher then a running back later in the draft. Not saying im right on this im just going by what we need most. Doesn’t matter whos qb we need a solid line

    The RightStuff

    Whats wrong with the Guards we have as starters??

    Humble Servant

    @The RightStuff our tackles are the problem its why i said move Smith to guard see how that works find a LT in draft or free agency and find a replacement for Dotson our rt and lt are not consistent our guards are pretty decent

    The RightStuff

    Guards: fine, don’t need to be messed with.
    Top Tackles in the draft (Can they switch sides?? sometimes yes; sometimes not so much)

    LT: Andrew Thomas, Mekhi Becton, Austin Jackson, Josh Jones
    RT: Jedrick Wills, Tristan Wirfs
    Can bring back Dotson for small money for depth/ mentoring the rookie.
    If we draft a LT, can Smith go to the right side?

    M R

    Donovan Smith is terrible

    The RightStuff

    @M R
    nah, he’s average – not great, not terrible. Last year they gave him a three-year, $41.25 million contract, includes $27 million guaranteed. So what are you going to do with that?

Quan Ali

Honestly we need some hungry offensive lineman a well known corner in free agency sign sack Barrett perriman


    We do not need a corner. Davis, dean and SMB showed a lot of improvement throughout the season. A veteran safety is a much more needed spot.

The RightStuff

#14 in order of availability: Herbert, Wills, A. Thomas, Wirfs, Kinlaw, Becton

    SaintsBoss 88

    The RightStuff I agree

    Gavin Spenks

    I like Herbert but they’d have to trade up for him, no way he’s there at 14

Anthony Josh

Draft Left tackle and put Smith as right tackle since that’s what he played in college

Micah Mistretta

.Resign Shaw and Paul no matter what. If we had both during the beginning of the season we would have made the playoffs

Ric H

Bucs need to be sending our 1st Round Pick and OJ Howard to the Lions for Matt Stafford.

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