Which Young Players Will Shine This Year? | Peter Schrager’s Top 10 Breakout Stars of 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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That Boii Tsunami

Gareon conley


Ed Reed. I heard he’s really good

Jason Victoriano

Number 1 Nathan Peterman

    Vivek Nagarajan

    Jason Victoriano hahahaha

    Parkour Addict

    ntahan pmretean si hte gaot bcaeuse eh si

    jay bowen

    Ryan mallett


Ed Reed. I heard he’s really good!

The Littles

How you going to name ray lewis , ed reed and forget suggs smh

    Try ME

    Thank you

    Chris Gentile

    @Try ME i am a long snapper long snappers are people too


Huge ceiling for David Montogomery


    Cant wait to see him play this season

    Carter Olson

    agreed he’s from my home town Iowa State

Michael Shan

Writes “young players” in the title.

Puts the Cowboys OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR at number 2

    Matt S

    Michael Shan in the video it says “Top 10 breakout stars of 2019” it doesn’t say young players so idk why they had that in the title.

    Smack Ish

    @Michael Shan players dont reach their prime till like 27 or 28

    Smack Ish

    @Michael Shan and wr usually play till their late 30s not early 30s Jerry rice retired when he was 42 Cris Carter Randy moss Larry Fitzgerald all played in their late 30s and theirs alot more wrs too

Moses Devadass

I heard Brian Urlacher is pretty decent


Make an actual YouTube channel with episode uploads PLEASE

mrfunez 2005

Happy birthday to kyler murray

Michael Marchant

Some guys he missed, Arron Jones, kerryon Johnson , josh Jacobs, Calvin Ridley , mo hurst, and Justin Reid

    Bent Ice

    Baker mayfield.

    Evan Schuring

    Chris Godwin

    Chris Ross

    Rids is the #2/#3 WR so would be hard for him to actually have a real breakout yr


    Why everyone sleeping on joe mixon

    Arnesh Sharma

    Nathan Peterman

Peter Lee

I heard Jerry Rice is pretty good. 😁

Mark Marin

Saquon Barkley will be great this year… wow, I should be an analyst

    suprx x

    No he’s already great its people gonna be great this year

    500 subs with no videos

    Mark Marin last year was his breakout year tho


Peyton Manning finna run the league no cap 😤😤😤

] Mantis-Mike [

And lamar jackson continues to be slept on

    Larry Legend is the GOAT

    Didn’t he already break out tho?


    @Larry Legend is the GOAT not at all…Ravens fans have big expectations


He is in love with kyler Murray he will talk about him whenever he gets the chance

Linkz GP

Honestly wish NFL would upload GMFB videos the way ESPN uploads First Take

Thaddeus Zenk

Good video but the one thing I didn’t agree with as a Viking fan was why you said Dede Westbrook will break out. I agree that he probably will but the reason far off. Defillipo was a TERRIBLE OC last year for my Vikings and saying that Dede Wesbrook will be good because Defillipo made Stefon Diggs good is a HUGE insult to Stefon Diggs who was already a stud before Defillipo came to Minnesota and Digg thrived despite Defillipo. That is why Defillipo was fired before the season even ended.

Juggie Bonebrain

Kellen Moore isn’t a player. The title clearly reads “Players”. I know it also reads Stars. But it specifies players.

Juggie Bonebrain

Kyler still has to be an NFL QB. I don’t think he’ll be as good as everyone says. Still has to play against NFL defenses.

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