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Right Left Paradigm Reply

None of them really. All these teams won’t make the playoffs.

    Flippant Booch Reply

    I’ll be back when Denver is in the playoffs

    mrgetitdone85 Reply

    KROWN Big Ben our for the season

    KROWN Reply

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos damn that’s a great name !!

    Right Left Paradigm Reply

    Flippant Booch not with Flacco as the quarterback

Jarell Levingston Reply

The Texans did it last year. No other team will for a long time .

    charles reed Reply

    Dolphins will make the playoffs 😂 jk but nah if the jets had darnold I would say them. But realistically nobody this year will do that tbh.

    KD Allen Reply


    Omar G Reply

    It’s not impossible for another team to do make it.

    American Sports Fan Reply

    Its only 0-3. Like fr there is alot of games left

    Damn Feds Reply


Go Gators Reply

The Dolphins couldn’t make the playoffs in 8 team league like the NBA in the 60s

    Osaji Obi Reply

    You could have just said AFL in the 60s.

    mrgetitdone85 Reply

    Go Gators the dolphins might not score 100 points this season

    Go Gators Reply

    @mrgetitdone85 Crazy thing is you might be right about

Demarco Howell Reply

The Broncos are gonna turn there season around and finish 8-8

    Demarco Howell Reply

    @IceyNova Nope you ain’t out doing me at all…your just loyal…and that’s great

    Demarco Howell Reply

    @IceyNova but besides that I don’t think were gonna go 8-8

    Demarco Howell Reply

    @IceyNova unfortunately were not that good this year

    Demarco Howell Reply

    @IceyNova we will go between 4-12 and 6-10

    Demarco Howell Reply

    @IceyNova obviously I hope we get a higher record but those are just realistic records

Jared GOAT Reply

When the Jets get Darnold back they play
Dolphins twice

    Jets and Yankees Nation 40 Reply

    @Giants/Mets/Blazers easily beating the giants

    Reigning-2eazxyツ Reply

    Pedro06 not the raiders

    Damn Feds Reply


    ddawgg23 Reply

    They have the winless (for now) Steelers in Week 16

impassable Reply

Well the Steelers have had a lot of adversity thrown at them and yet even at 0-3 they’re only two games out of first with a lot of games left to play..Rudolph has to play a little, and they’ll be okay…I’d give them the best chance

    Beama Reply

    fire all the coaches and they will be fine

    Flippant Booch Reply


    Omar G Reply

    @Flippant Booch best chance out of the 0-3 teams is still like only an 8% chance.


Steelers are the the only ones with a chance. They have the coaching etc to get it done, just not the defense.

    Variety Trip Reports Reply

    Gamer Boi it was Mason Rudolph’s first NFL Start, you can’t really judge him on one game alone, Peyton Manning had 1 Touchdown and 3 Interceptions in his first NFL Start, I am not saying that Mason Rudolph is Peyton Manning by any means atm, but QB’s do need time to fit in and set the rhythm especially if your a backup.

    CJBMAGGOT94 Reply

    @wil401prov You never know. Seen crazier things happen.

    Yankee Fan101 Reply

    They do? You mean Mike Tomlin, the guy who went for a 19 yard field goal down 20 on the road in NE early in the 3rd quarter? Not sure that a guy who’s happy to just avoid a shutout and call it a day after one half of football is the coach to get it done.

    CJBMAGGOT94 Reply

    @Yankee Fan101 Mike Tomlin the guy who has never had a losing season as coach of the Steelers, yes.

    Damn Feds Reply


I Don't Know Man Reply

Realistically it’s Denver. Easiest fix because of Defense.

    Lil Guy Reply

    I Don’t Know Man the defense hasn’t come up with a turnover yet this season, not even a sack… and I’m a broncos fan, hopefully we get a good pick this season, honestly in two seasons the #1 for Trevor Lawrence would be amazing

    I Don't Know Man Reply

    @Lil Guy Jacksonville this week. 3 winnable games before y’all play KC. 3-3.

CTC Reply

None of them, but if I had to choose, I’ll go wit the Broncos

    Von Miller Reply

    @Re Mosely No Miller and Chubb can’t hit the QB

    • Shammgod Reply

    BloodyBunny 99 dam I didn’t think it through

    • Shammgod Reply

    Von Miller you are not defending your own team?

    Von Miller Reply

    @• Shammgod I love Broncos but more positive to focus on finding solutions

    Re Mosely Reply

    @Von Miller that’s true and I’m afraid as of why not. 3 weeks no defensive points or stops. Smh

yo booty stank Reply

Raiders, jets and broncos are my favorites to MAYBE make the playoffs

    Osaji Obi Reply

    Raiders are 1-2 though and as a Raider fan they will not even get close to the playoffs.

Kai Sommers Reply

To be honest, I think the Steelers, they might now make the playoffs but they won’t have a horrible season. The reason is because there still pretty damn good without Ben

    JB Jacobs Reply

    They can’t run the ball; defense giving up terrible chunk plays at end of games. Without Ben running around extending plays AND adding to his 46 come from behind wins, they are shot. I love Mason but he needs another year. He will get more consistent over time, but Ben is a force multiplier; I fully expected them to get better as the year went on because Ben would have, but now…I am just depressed…

    Greedy Monki Reply

    Kai Sommers I’m not a yinzer but Steelers are going 6-10 or 7-9. Their inability to develop a great run game and Mason Rudolph’s lack of experience is ultimately the reason why. James Connor definitely took a big step back though, but Johnson looks like he has potential.

    Kai Sommers Reply

    @Greedy Monki well coming from a Ravens fan, I hope your right😂

    AJ Palmeri Reply

    @Greedy Monki Lmao i bet they wish they kept bell now

Zach Spera Reply

Steelers did play the Patriots, Seahawks, and 49ers all teams that look really good. Patriots and Seahawks are always playoff teams. They did get killed by the Patriots but Seahawks and 49ers they were in tye game I don’t ride them off as a non-playoff team yet. If they beat the Bengals Monday night they are still alive

    Skinny Dicc Reply

    We gotta remember that the steelers lost to a niners team that had over 5 turnovers

TruToneRob Reply

I feel like Washington could do it but its virtually impossible because they’re in the NFC

Mr Tiddles Reply

Definetly not my dolphins. We comin for you Tua WE COMIN😭😭😭

    Obinna Nwakwue Reply

    Get an o-line otherwise you’ll waste Tua’s career too

K Ø D I Ξ Reply

Denver’s last super bowl mvp qb was Manning and they started 2012 2-3 and went to win 11 games. Flacco can help rally us together for 10+ win seasons to come

    I Don't Know Man Reply

    Outside of KC twice which Denver could take one of those. I think Denver can beat everybody on their schedule.

    K Ø D I Ξ Reply

    @I Don’t Know Man you are right, the team knows the talents there but struggling to find the groove early is better than in December

    wil401prov Reply

    Yeah but u guys had a lockdown defence that year and this year not so much

    Shawn Christianson Reply

    I Don’t Know Man There is no way in hell Mahomes loses his undefeated streak to Denver this season. Flacco and that team are going to get steamrolled

    TV해피 Reply


GoodDustyBoi Reply

I didn’t think the Steelers would be 0-3 tbh

    Shmony Panini Reply

    Ik same here. We always get hard schedules plus Ben out for the season

ProteanGreninja Reply

Broncos, they nearly beat the Bears in Week 2.

    IceyNova Reply

    We wont win a game until week 5

    Nehemiah Howard Reply

    @IceyNova We can beat jacksonville

ColtsBestInNFL Reply

To everyone saying “none of them”


read the title, it says which team has THE BEST CHANCE

Not which team will

    SIDA Reply

    None have the best chance

    J. Da Silva Reply


    ColtsBestInNFL Reply

    J. Da Silva what are you? 8?

    American Sports Fan Reply


G-MAC Johnson Reply

The Denver broncos I have the best chance of making the playoffs because the schedule later on during the regular season

Chester Bee Reply

I think the Bengals probably has the best chance.

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