Where Did Budda Baker’s Bowling Celebration Come From? | Arizona Cardinals – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Where Did Budda Baker’s Bowling Celebration Come From? | Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Insider Lisa Matthews went #OnTheFly with S Budda Baker to talk about the epic bowling celebration strategy, playing better with a "C" on his chest, and catching the football with his cast on.

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Direct Futur Reply


zuhayre a Reply

love budda! he’s only gonna get way better

William Benedix Reply


Evan Berardi Reply

Buhda even more underrated then jones

ryan damon Reply


Bosco Gamer Reply

No Fear!

backtoconstitution1 Reply

By far the most needed player on the team the way he studies and prepares, the way he hits, the awareness he has and the ATTITUDE he is gifted with. Everything can be coached but not attitude and heart

    Lionel Sanches Reply

    Imagine him and tyran hate how they made him the highest paid safety but don’t pay tyran but he got a ring so he gets the last laugh

Austin Mitchell Reply

That 1st one puts a taste in his mouth for sure.


That Bowling celebration was lit though!

Vinnamese Reply

Even the Seahawks see Budda as one of the best safeties in the league.

    yaxorf Reply

    Pete Carrol was extremely interested in Baker as a college prospect

Isaiah Garcia Reply


xavier lopez Reply

Was just realizing he’s one of the most explosive guys in the league

The Dude Reply

Hey as long as the cardinals are making plays I don’t care how they celebrate. Wud Up Budda!! Let’s Go!! 💪

Colton Begay Reply

Cards got a history of drafting or finding players at the Safety position who make plays or outstanding… Larry Wilson (RIP), Adrian Wilson, Tyrann Mathieu, Rashad Johnson, Tony Jefferson, Budda Baker, Pat Tillman (RIP) not sure if Tillman was a LB at first in college if I’m not mistaken … Hopefully Jalen Thompson develops into a decent player at the secondary level … can’t wait for sundays game

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