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Elias Ghanem

Boykin and Hollywood have to be more explosive just like in Week 1

Nesly Merat

They need stop holding him back Boykin

Jose Velazquez

The mistakes Lamar Jackson makes would be completely wiped away if Harbaugh would just tell Lamar to RUN. For example, the only running plays Lamar runs are DESIGNED. Check when he’s under pressure and he could easily run for 10 yards, he DOESN’T. He keeps looking, looking, and looking to find an open receiver. It’s like he’s trying to PLEASE the conventional wisdom of what a QB is suppose to do. Fact is, other than Vick, nobody is close to him in athletic ability. If he would just run more often, and not just designed runs, it would make things easier for the entire offense. And don’t give me the QB shouldn’t run because of INJURY crap. He’s not hurt is he? Ben Roethlisberger HURT, Drew Brees HURT, etc. They didn’t run

    Anthony Anderson

    I’ve been saying this exact same thing for a few weeks now. It’s like hes trying to prove to his critics that he can be a traditional drop back passer but that’s not his game right now. At least 3 of those sacks last week he had an open running lane and he just stayed in the pocket too long. Play your game Lamar forget the critics.

    Jose Velazquez

    @Anthony Anderson EXACTLY. It’s not even about playing his game. It’s as simple as him using something nobody else has, at least to what he does.

    Nightmare Kilo

    @Jose Velazquez but also take in the fact that the OC can’t call a play like why are the receivers so tight together? Get Lamar on more playaction

godlikekreations. com

People talking about Lamar how bout the o line Lamar cant make ever throw on the run we need a lot before Lamar can be a big dog yes he has to improve but he can’t show all Improvement with an offensive line that consistently lets people have free runs at him it throws off everything it begins there our wide receivers may not be as bad as we think but since Lamar has no time anything out of a 4-yard route doesn’t have time to develop just saying

    king shark

    It’s not Lamar or the o line….. watch the tape close, and you’ll see greg Roman offense sucks, you’ll see two guys in the same area, ..hell
    1 defender can take them out, so lamar looking at 4 clustered bodies and ends up holding on to the ball.

    But watch his good throws and you’ll see he gets it out fast and guys are not cluttered up.

    The oc , needs to fix his route running plays.

    godlikekreations. com

    @king shark big facts on the bro I do see that a lot I just don’t understand it I don’t like the fact that every play is an RPO like when they did that and we were in the our end zone I couldn’t believe it they didn’t have him under central and we’re in our own end zone just dumb

    king shark

    @godlikekreations. com .. awwww man, see I could tell you could really see the facts. Lol.

    I had been on Lamar azz too, but watching close, I’m really seeing our coaches get exposed.

    Totally feel you on that under center aspect, brady is slow as cold maple syrup and he plays some snaps under center.

    godlikekreations. com

    @king shark Dacosta has to bring in some of his own people and not let John higher offensive coordinators in such the last time the organization brought someone in what’s Kubiak and we know how that turned out

    king shark

    @godlikekreations. com … hmmmm, interesting point, they laying they hat on greg Roman past, but his best days was with jim Harbaugh, and when the band of jim, greg and Kaepernick broke up, only jim has continued success.

    I think a good oc and qb coach for this current era of athletic qb is in the college ranks.

    There’s a guy in Oklahoma, we might wanna back the brinks truck up for. Lol.

    Greg is that gen 1 dual threat qb oc… we into gen 2 and need more relative type coaches.

Oui Bay

Boykin is the key to the offense.. If he can produce the offense will take off.

Black Future

It won’t matter if lamar can’t get him the ball

    Nightmare Kilo

    The OC isn’t calling the right plays why are the receivers so close together? He needs to start having Lamar go under center more playaction

Eroc Money

Jackson need to Start Spreading the ball Around Seriously Other teams are catching on just hitting tight ends Not going do it Sometimes going deep can get a pass interference call in it keeps the defense Honest no more talk


Is magic going to the defense and trade for jalen Ramsey.#ravens mailbox

    Deborah Kerns

    Ramsey already turned down an offer the Ravens put out to him…

    Jugg Head

    Ramsey didn’t turn it down, Jacksonville did. But I think they want to keep him

    Deborah Kerns

    @Jugg Head ~ Either way, he won’t be coming to Baltimore…

Eroc Money

We not talking bad about him we what him to improve that’s all go ravens

Blade Brown, Blocked By URL

Boykin, Snead, Hurst, and Nick Boyle need more action.


    Lamar has trouble passes over 10 yards


    @Nightmare Kilo he is 4 of 21 on last 21 throws over ten yards. That’s what I’m saying. Its not whatever. He has to improve


    @Nightmare Kilo Russell Wilson hasn’t had any time either but weren’t going to say that Russ is a better althele then lamar. It’s just Lamar doesn’t trust his own ability has a passer and thats y he “hates running”


    @Os4low I have faith he will get better as his career goes. Still very young. Soild point though

David Daniels

Honestly I think we’ve been seeing too much of Seth Roberts and too much rotation at the WR position. With Andrews not at 100% I think Snead and especially Boykin need an increased role in the short/underneath game, especially with how safe defenses have been playing Hollywood. I think Lamar hasn’t been allowed to establish any rhythm with any receivers since MA got hurt. Also the O-line has been horrible in pass protect which I don’t understand considering how well we’re running the ball.


#ravensmailbag what’s the situation whit Jalen Ramsey

king shark

Ravens need a better oc, … and get Lamar a real qb coach in here. Then we will see better ball distribution.

Pass rush, … ravens front seven goes as this.

2 outside rushers,
1 nose tackle,
1 defense tackle,
Will backer
Mike backer
Sam backer…..

Of the front 7, only two real pash rushers, the nose and the dt are two 330lbs gap fillers that cant get to the qb.

The 3 linebackers have coverage duty or blitz(which may or may not work).

Basically, if you do the math, teams just have to double judon, and not worry about McPhee and dam sure dont have to worry about Williams and pierce.

The above is why we got 1 sack vs Pittsburgh, and it was by McPhee

Corey Brooks

So like is it that he can’t get open? Or Lamar just isn’t throwing to him

    Nightmare Kilo

    I mean Lamar has missed on some throws but it’s really only been Hollywood or Andrews getting open now defenses are starting to key in on them


Jaleel Scott

Robert Schwartzback

Next few weeks will be his chance, against good pass defenses. Gonna need a lot of quick slant routes because beating these upcoming corners and safeties is going to be a challenge.

thatboy dre

We now know that we need to get a pass rusher first round without a doubt and a ILB in second and a receiver in 3 and 4

Donie Caldwell

Whenever Lamar gives him chances

Will Rich

Myles needs to get more aggressive with his routes

Jace Woods

When will he beat 1 on 1 coverage finish routes position his hands correctly for catches although he does block well on the outside he has to earn Lj8’s trust imo

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