What’s an off day look like for an NFL rookie? Alec Ingold takes you around Oakland | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What’s an off day look like for an NFL rookie? Alec Ingold takes you around Oakland | Raiders

Watch as fullback Alec Ingold gives a tour of his apartment, reveals his roommate, shares his shoe collection and plays Madden with Raider legends as he resets during a recent off day.

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Byron Mendez Reply

This was awesome! Would like more of these. Hopefully these young guys stay a long time.

T Co Reply

EAT!!! Bulldoze a path for 28 big dog.

Alejandro Muñoz Reply

Just Win Baby!

Sumtingwong Richard Reply

They better win this week. We neeeeeed ittttttt

    Eduardo Torres Reply

    Like how we played against Vikings,No

    27RAIDERMAN Reply

    Eduardo Torres GTFO

    27RAIDERMAN Reply

    Sumtingwong Richard Agree

    Sumtingwong Richard Reply

    Eduardo Torres be positive

seven cureton Reply


Michael Burchard Reply

Yoooooo ALEC that video was cool but who jacked up your hairline in da back. You know you are in oakland right, get yourself a classy cut my man, Just Win Baby!!!

Pancho Loco Reply

You guys need a bigger TV to play them games. Grief!

    Low Key Evoh Reply

    Pancho Loco Big TVs are awesome for movies a shows, but aren’t always the best for gaming. Computer monitors get way faster response times, and can be easier on the eyes.

    Pancho Loco Reply

    @Low Key Evoh How in the heck are you going to be able to see down field for the long throw, oh wait, you’re like Derek Carr and look for the check down.

    Low Key Evoh Reply

    Pancho Loco Not trying to argue, man, not a Carr fan either, just giving you the facts. That’s why they are called gaming monitors.

L M32 Reply

1-2 and he has the biggest smile on his face SMH cmon man

    Dr. Dion Peoples Reply

    losing to two of the top teams isn’t horrible.

Tony Copeland Reply

Radiers garbage!

Luis Galvez Reply

Bench Carr!

    Jesse Reply

    Luis Galvez I don’t know mike glennon doesn’t look any better

Watts Raider Reply

Hope on ur off day ingold and moreau ur working on fixing your blocking skills and not running into your own teammates youngsters.

Beaty Reply

didn’t we already take an off day like Sunday?


Let’s beat the Colts stay positive

Derek Carr Reply


_Spacemonkey_ Reply

Joey Bosa on the Raiders?! Come on Alec!!!!

    Ernest Rimbeck Reply

    He needs someone who can get a sack

    Dane Bowen Reply

    @Ernest Rimbeck oof

Rich Pon Reply

Go to true burger.

Jack Tate Reply

Another great Raider fullback.

J S Reply

More day in the lifes please!

Jon Wright Reply

Foster is a funny dude lol

James Clary Reply

Love to see these young guys with great attitudes!

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