What Putting the Pads On Means for Chargers Players & Coaches, “You’re playing real ball” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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SAGA EJ1 Reply

Bolt ⚡Up!




11-5 Chargers

    DAGO 619 CALI FACTOR Reply

    @MediCali951 Thanks bro appreciate it!!!

    Richardtellez00 Tellez Reply


    Football fan Reply

    MediCali951 same

    Football fan Reply

    MediCali951 I was born in San Diego was a chargers fan my whole life

    Zmann17 Reply

    Football fan same

carbo19 Reply

D is stacked at every position now. Lets see some wins

    Zmann17 Reply

    9-7 here we come

    Mikey Reply

    Haha as soon as i saw Mike Will injured i was like “And here…we…go!”

MediCali951 Reply

Joey looks so happy now that he’s paid. Hopefully Melvin stops holding out because of it

    ElCrusto666 Reply

    im pretty sure Melvins Holdout is already over. they reworked his contract and i thought he was back to practice

    Frankie Y Reply

    He already did……

    Manny Mota Reply

    Melvin will be playing

    MediCali951 Reply

    You guys are right I just checked and he’s restructured his contract and back at practice! Bolt up baby the jack Boyz are gonna be at full strength

    Ace Reply

    He did he’s back at practice

Rowena Nolan Reply

13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Carter Wop Reply

Let’s goooo. I was worried about the linval Joseph guy at first but all I’ve heard was good things.., let’s goooo

    clownin dan Reply

    If he stays healthy he is a mountain in the middle. Definitely an upgrade from mebane

    Ross Morrow Reply

    He is a beast

Frankie Y Reply

Bro so many people forgetting Tillery, Adderly, King, Nwosu, White (who was a beast before injury). If they stay healthy this is deadass the potential number 1 defense in the league

    daReal dB32 Reply

    Its all about our defensive scheme.
    We can have all the talent in the world, of we ain’t using them right, it won’t even matter.

    Frankie Y Reply

    daReal dB32 nah thats facts but gus been had success. They jus stay with injuries

    King Wilson Reply

    And they all might not even start, crazy stacked defense

Felix Reyes Reply

Why is tevi still there?

Bobby Mack Reply


Alex Jaime Reply

Damn. Tevi sounds like he has no confidence. He better step up and protect our 1st draft pick. ⚡⚡

    Ross Morrow Reply

    Bro I hope he does good. I’m not sure about him. Maybe the backups are better

clownin dan Reply

Defense is looking stout and herbert is dropping dimes. We should have a good season.

Tom 'Big Dick' Telesco Reply

dez-bo & jo-bo

Influenz Reply

Excited for this season! Hopefully they all stay healthy 🙏

Tony Avila Reply

Cordy Glenn wouldve been a solid pickup. Hopefully tevi/lamp don’t get our qb killed.

Adam Miller Reply

Brian Bullaga is looking good in Bolt Blue., ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Sir Valdivia Reply

That Kobe commercial has nothing of his Latina daughter or family. Or his Italian background.

ROMANS 13:4 Reply

Its all fun and games until the season starts.

Gekokujo76 Reply

Let Tyrod go and play in the riots with his buddies. Herbert has his head in the game….let him start and let Tyrod take a knee on the sideline.

Yeetskeet Reply

OC sounds confident in our QB upgrade. “Gonna be nice to have guys who can move around back there” lol

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