What Positions Will the Bucs Pick in the 2021 Draft? | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

What Positions Will the Bucs Pick in the 2021 Draft? | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report on the latest news including the upcoming Draft, free agency rumors and the offseason.

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mgrouel Reply

Never say that you wouldn’t need a player, when injuries pile up, they’ll need everyone. With the draft, DE, QB, LB, CB, they have offensive weapons all over, better stack up on the defence and for the future when Brady retires.

    Johndurham Fakeinvestigator Reply

    The future is now. Winning with Brady is all that matters. When Brady retires, 80% of the fan base leaves with him.

    Mysterious Man?? Reply

    I think we’re setup that we can get anyone we want for money we want to pay

    Wishing B Reply

    @Johndurham Fakeinvestigator Not necessarily. There are dynasty teams that have kept their fanbase after they stopped winning Super Bowls. I am from NE and I am a Brady fan, but I have deep respect for the coaches and teammates and fans. If Brady stays a few more years, people will bond with the players around him.

    Johndurham Fakeinvestigator Reply

    @Wishing B I don’t know bruh. I was a NE fan for 20 years… dropped them like a hot potato, and transitioned to Tampa, as did a high % of Pat’s fans. But yes, the Bucs are a very likeable bunch. Football without Brady, won’t be the same.

James Taylor Reply

The Bucs have a great base offense with 12 personnel if OJ Howard comes back healthy. They can have a great mix of run and pass with Gronk and Howard and even Godwin run blocking and Tom throwing out of play action. It’s a great personnel group with two versatile tightends and maybe AB becomes less important with the tightends and the emergence of Tyler Johnson and more plays for Scotty Miller.

Dusty McGuire Reply

Always draft linemen in the first 4 rounds. It is a statistical probability that a few will get injured. Thankfully, this draft has lots of depth for value at nearly all positions.

I can see trading back from the 32 pick for a 45 pick and gaining an additional late 3rd round pick for 2 2s and 2 3s. 2 linemen, and 2 secondary folks.

    Chris Wolfinger Reply

    there is some bad depth in the draft at certain postions tho. DT being a big one. also most of the better o linemen will be gone by pick 32 it seems. also any team that only drafts linemen in the first 4 rounds wont make a good football team lol. also there is no history of any team doing what you said…

RJ Sizzle Reply

Only needs or wants I can think of is OL/DL depth a DE and a back up QB for Tom to groom. Maybe a CB or LB for depth as well.

    Wishing B Reply

    Tampa likes their backup QB and they wouldn’t be able to get one of the Top 5 draft picks QB’s. To draft a backup who is worse than what they have just to have them sit on the bench for 5 years isn’t the best use of the first-round draft pick. Plus, almost none of the 1st round draft QB’s end up playing on the team they were drafted. It would be more likely that Tom trains them up for someone else. Versus if you wait another year or two, there will likely be more QB’s available and quite possibly ones that have spent 5 years being groomed by another team or another legend in the final years of retirement.

HelloMyNameIsKyle Reply

Etienne or Harris are ideal

Justin Gardner Reply

Just don’t reach !!!! We are one injury away in the secondary ( which gets exposed at times) from really being picked apart. Yes we don’t have an edge guy behind Shaq/ JPP but don’t reach if a top 5 CB ( Campbell ) is available. Then if a guy like Meinerz is there at 64? We need to protect our QB! We have some IOL depth with Stinnie not much at Tackle . I like a guy like Alim McNeil maybe at 64 to help with Suh situation – I think guys like Bobby Brown, Tyler Shelvin can be had mid rounds to put with Vea inside as well going forward.
I do think the WR spot is being overlooked! Evans n Godwin do not stay healthy , they just DON’T! Now we have 17 games.. Scotty Miller isn’t making the tough catches over the middle, he’s speed guy. Also Tyler Johnson can not line up outside. He doesn’t have the speed.. he has size, hands n good route runner but that’s why he’s better suited inside on a nickel or dime corner. That’s why a guy like Toney/Bateman/Marshall could still be an option possibly at 32.
Trenches rule the day , I get it.. but there’s depth on IOL in this draft .. Guys like Creed Humphrey, Quin Meinerz, Trey Smith, etc can be had in mids and add value.

Nameless1 Reply

O-Line, period. We saw what happens to a world-class QB without depth at O-Line. Like a chicken with its head cut off except Tom isn’t know for his running abilities. We’re only an injury or two from going boom to bust.

W N Reply

if Bucs does not resign AB they will not back to back champ in 2021, mark my words

Capo Luciano Reply

i think ab will be back but no time soon

Capo Luciano Reply

i think oj will come back stronger than ever

    Wishing B Reply

    I hope so but statistically, it isn’t likely. Only 71% of NFL players come back to play a year after their surgery for an Achilles injury and of those returning players, most of them played 50% fewer games after the recovery versus before the injury and their power rankings also decreased dramatically. He might be the exception but his injury is one that takes an average of a full year to recover and it generally isn’t a good prognosis.

Capo Luciano Reply

he is our fastest te

Capo Luciano Reply

oj can be really special in this system if he can stay healthy

    Wishing B Reply

    I looked up recovery from his injury and his injury is one that cuts a player’s participation in almost half even after a full-year recovery.

Cynthia Hart Reply

The tasty space scilly enter because hoe comprehensively lighten concerning a tranquil shield. wistful, responsible mountain

Bill Harris Reply

Hope AB n Bucs come to an agreement and resign him.

LI3 Reply

We need:
WR/RB ( Demetrio Felton)

Andrew Coons Reply

DT or DE because both Suh & JPP are on their last year. RB possibly if the best are still available & quality to good to pass

David Smith Reply

I think we leave AB now and concentrate on the draft. If he doesn’t sign somewhere else in the meantime he has no other option. Always the risk that he goes off the rails , and he has a court appearance due in December so may not be available at a crunch point in the season

Melancholy Puppy Reply

Get Bobby brown and Marvin Wilson Im the draft!

Wishing B Reply

BA had recently said that OJ Howard was running at 80% of his weight on the anti-gravity treadmills. His injury averages almost a full year to recover. 71% return to play but the number of games they played after recovery cuts almost in half.

Cinco DeManny Reply

Idk, maybe trade the pick for a player? Or maybe for me picks down the line?

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