What Goes into Preparing an NFL Football for Gameday? – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Legend__ 21

I see that Antonio Gate’s jersey hanging in the back🤧⚡💯


    Hes a legend they better respect him

    Legend__ 21

    @Deagle760 exactly bro💪🏾⚡💯


If you’re Brady you like em a little more deflated

    Steve Forsythe

    “It’s normal to destroy your phone when there’s an active investigation into your team tampering with equipment! Every athlete does it!”


    😂😂😂 good one


    And also when your favorite team finishes the season at home.

    Aaron Mills

    Steve Forsythe Also I’m sure you know about the common gas law right dumbass? Maybe you didn’t finish college 😂

eddie brock

Pretty dope… the more you know.
It’s actually kind of an ART to get those footballs ready


I can imagine the look on his face when a player lobs the ball into stands.

    Card Discoveries

    Lmao I’m dead 🤣🤣

    Roderick Clerk


    Brandon Dougherty

    Omg lol

    Connor Neitz


Ryan Gerken Racing

I wanna see what the patriots do.

    Tropicana Roblox

    they deflate them duh…. better grip ya know


    Lol a lot of deflation




    Deflate the ball 😭

    Crazy Man



I always wondered why the balls where always dark

    24 Kobe

    JerseytheKid darker ball better it’s feels

    Ho Dor

    That’s what she said 😂


    Ho Dor damn it u beat me to it🤣🤣

    Ho Dor


Jizzo Johnny

Tom Brady is not just a QB he’s also the guy who prepares his own football before game day 😂

    Jizzo Johnny

    @TheMonroe654HD he didn’t do that in the superbowl game did he now who’s an idiot 🤣


    Jizzo Johnny What you said didn’t make any sense, so you.


    The joke was the guy looks like tom Brady lol

    Basic_drip Yt

    And he couldn’t even get a good grip on the ball anyway if anything it requires more skill and it wasn’t even him it was a ball boy from the colts


NFL balls are super sticky and soft.. now I can see why.

Dilwar Vega

Now I see what Tom Brady does as his side job!

Joseph Rodriguez

So you’re telling me the manufacturer doesn’t do it lol


Who else came to see the people’s comments who hated on the patriots 😂

    Joshua Herrmann


    Basic_drip Yt


Tyson Kistler

feel bad for the bills football guy when Peterman started

    DeMarquin Houston

    He loses a ball after every pick🤣🤣🤣

Hefty StarLord

*Generic comment about the Patriots and Tom Brady*

Saber Assailant

The patriots use a different technique


My dad taught me the shaving cream trick for my baseball glove when I was a kid. Glad to see he really knew what he was talking about!


To think that Cam Newton throws every TD ball in the audience…


    mouloudo job security


How does one get a job like this? Would be so cool to be a part of a NFL team. HMU Chargers!


    BluGhost my dad used to be the head equipment manager for the chargers for 37 years

Brandon Dougherty

Receiver: throws ball into the stands after getting a td*
The dude: “My life’s a lie”


Chargers: step 1 brush step 2….


Step 1 Deflate. We’re done

Ho Dor

This mans job is to rub balls all day…..bruh

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