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Jack Watkinson

It’s so simple isn’t it… Russ just needs to hit his open targets! If the O-Line can give him more time and space then that helps too. Simple stuff really…

    DK Metcalf

    Yeah during that chargers game russ had no time to do anything when they blitzed

    Jack Watkinson

    @DK Metcalf Yeah our blitz control is awful! Every time you see the defence go for it you know it’s not gonna end well 😂


The o-line needs to block better for Russ


    OR, Wilson needs to read the defense, understand the mismatches, throw accurately and make plays. The Broncos did not trade 6 1st and 2nd round draft choices (plus Harris) and pay $250M for the offensive line.

    sptt 144

    @kwatl777 Russ has never read the blitz and just takes the sacks. Even when I know it’s coming he makes know adjustment.

    John-Paul C

    Bronco’s O-Line isn’t nearly as bad as it seems….if Russ doesn’t like his first read he seems to bring his eyes down and worry about the rush which is a self-predicting prophecy of doom.


The defense is championship caliber

    Bobby Schulte

    Idk about championship caliber. But they can hold their own for sure. If everyone could stay healthy that would help.

    Ryan Long

    @Bobby Schulte definitely Championship Caliber. Formula is take their WR1 away with one DB and no help. We have that with Surtain. DB to take away TE1 with MINIMAL help. We have that with Simmons. Get to the QB fast to force quick throws to WR2/3/4 And give our DB 2/3/4 chances to make plays and we have that with our edge rushers. Only thing we don’t have is an offense to build a lead to make that happen and we’re still holding teams to low scores. But like you said health is key!

    Kyle Kitzman

    Simmons, while he can cover TE’s is not a DB. He’s a safety and scheme-wise will not always line up on the TE


Can our defense play offense too?

    DK Metcalf

    Imagine Patrick Surtain as a running back


    @DK Metcalf No he will be Wr1. Chubb is rb lol

Ryan Long

It’s gotten to the point where I’m just watching to appreciate Pat Surtain and the defense. Plays on offense take too long to develop. No pre snap creativity to identify what the defensive coverage is. We snap the ball with seconds left almost every play which makes it super easy for pass rushers to time the snap and overwhelm our already subpar O-Line. We aren’t identifying any blitzers to adjust pass protection pre snap. Hackett is coaching like a fan; watching and forgetting to get a damn play in; not a single simple pass play called all year (has anyone seen a shallow crossing route run this season?). Have we run a single play action bootleg or anything to move the pocket which actually helps poor blocking by creating more grass to cover for pass rushers. I mean I know I’m sofa coaching over here but geez I’m tired of calling out blitzes and and plays before they happen. Nathaniel’s playbook is as deep as a puddle and written on waffle house napkins. We had more creativity with Tebow at QB

    Kalik Williams

    Hackett needs to run some plays that they ran in Seattle to get Russ more comfortable that’s what they did when Peyton came here not tryna compare the two but like you said the offense is super vanilla very predictable and to me the worst part is that he makes zero adjustments throughout the game it’s like he’s literally insane expecting different results when he’s running the same plays over and over


People say russ this and that! Have they even been watching what the o line and receivers are doing? Yes there were times russ miss a open player but often times he is pressure by the lack of oline support and have to run

    Ryan Long

    True but I also haven’t seen him make any pre snap adjustments to the pressure that he knows is coming. Not one signal to a WR to run a hot route or not one RB/TE shift to account for extra rushers etc. I put blame on the entire offense but it seems like he’s not making any pre snap reads…he’s just like “Okay this sack is probably gonna hurt and I should change the play but…. SET..HUT HUT HIKE”

    Sam Oliver

    @Ryan Long yeah I’m wondering if he doesn’t call any pre snap adjustments cause they always barely just get the play out with no time remaining on the clock. Maybe if we got our plays out quicker he’d have more time to make adjustments

    Ryan Long

    @Sam Oliver Agree 100 percent on that too.

    sptt 144

    @Ryan Long This is nothing new for Wilson. He’s never adjusted for defenses especially blitzes. Just takes the sack.

Bobby Schulte

Put the ball in the end zone.

planet stupid

Start Rypien, at least he can see the middle.

    John-Paul C

    Or trade back for Drew Lock. I honestly think Broncos would have a winning record with Lock – he would have provided just enough.

    Alan R

    let it ryp

Irvin Van Vanderbilt



Let Russ play out of pocket so he can cook every 40 yard

Jeff McPeek

It’s over.


put in Ryp

    John-Paul C

    or trade back for Drew Lock. I think Bronco’s would be better off with more interceptions but having someone at least trying to throw the ball down the field.

Mark Duffield

Find what works and keep on doing it rinse and repeat.

    John-Paul C

    That seems hard to do when your QB seems to play best “off-script”. You can’t just say go out there and do whatever you want.

Mel Marks

Start Brett!!!


I’d say focus on the little things and execute better. Let’s ride.

Victor Lopez

Im so sick of the fanboyness going on in our beloved Broncos Country. Guys like Albright have no clue.

Ernesto Gastelum

as a Chargers fan the Broncos can score more points by avoiding getting to the 16 point mark

Ry Enis

For all you Rypen doubtful, may I Remind you that in Brett’s only start this year in preseason was against the BUFFALO BILLS
He hit 22 of 26 passed (a sure touchdown pass dropped) for an 85% completion rate, averaged 9 yards per per pass, One TD caught. He has gotten better every year. The old Russ could escape the pocket and make super throws, he has trouble staying in the pocket and making throws now days.
(5′ 10″) Only Drew Brees could throw dimes out of the Pocket being 5′ 10″. Never gonna a be another Brees

Kyle Kitzman

A 10-90 % chance to win doesn’t seem impressive to me. Very big gap. 50-90 % would seem like something to write home about while 10-90 % seems common.


Fire John Elway

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