‘We’ve made the adjustments, and we’re READY to get ROCKING’ | Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Le Hall

I am ready for this game!!! DQ and company, don’t telecast plays and they’ll see us in the super bowl!! Let’s get em

Large Southern Load

You’ve had 5 years to make adjustments?
Tired of believing; time for achieving!

    Dexter Jackson

    I agree this guy says the same crap every game they aint ready they shouldve been ready how long does it take Geez !! You got some weak guys get some bigger more physical guys!! It’s football Dan NOT CHESS!!

    Don W

    Right? This guy is so delusional and geeked up on adderrall. He just blabbers on and on nonsense to the media and the team doesn’t even make sense half the time. It was cool for the first two seasons but then we all started to realize the truth!! this guy has no idea how to coach and manage a game!! He’s just an excellent motivator and he fooled us and Arthur blank!!! WE ARE SCREWED WITH THIS EGGHEAD IN CHARGE!!!

    Large Southern Load

    @Don W Mike Smith could coach but one bad season & they fired the winniest coach in Falcon history. Quinn is hard to figure


    @Large Southern Load Nah Mike Smith sucked too. Granted his teams were more prepared and less sloppy, he still wasn’t taking this franchise anywhere.

Stay Off My Lawn

The media team is soooo stupid!!!! Stop asking the same question 12 different ways and expect different answers 🤦🏻‍♂️🖕🏻


Mann the defense soft Man U gotta get players who really fit that play style they too light weight and still can’t tackle 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tony Shepard

    Tell that to Thomas Dmitroff he picks the players


    Tony Shepard he need to be on a hot seat I blame him as well


    @Tony Shepard No these were Dan Quinn players. He picked them.

Nick bagnulo

Be more physical on both sides of the ball

    zero RX-79

    All 3sides we get smashed on punts too

J Nedle

Man Fûck all dat.. y’all got punched in the mouth and didn’t have a answer for it.. Week 2 Tighten Up and Blitz with Line Game‼️

    Dejon Dorsey

    J Nedle I agree they do need to blitz more

zero RX-79

I want to beat good reams not shity teams


    zero RX-79 that’s what them other delusional fans be looking at. Every year

Ann Murdock

FALCONS better be “ROCKING” on SUNDAY because I am going to “BOO” the heck out of all in MBS!!!!! Let’s get this home opening WIN!! This SISTER is going to be turnt up!!! YEA “ma”am”!!!!!

Todd Chinh

🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤫🤫 all talk no action = price less

Country Boi Ross

Lip Service!!!

Country Boi Ross

Unless those “adjustments” involved some SERIOUS weight training for these undersized players, then it won’t be much different Sunday night except we’ll b in prime time in front of the entire world!!

Nate The dawg

They always lose in week 1 so I’m not worried RISE UP

    Good Looking Honkey

    That’s the problem. Nobody ever worries about it until it’s too late

Cards with Chris!

I really wish I knew how to get that shirt. I think it’s going to be at a local event they’re doing, but I live nowhere near Atlanta now.

Antonio Kim

The Offensive line can’t handle blitz’s! It’s because they’re practicing with Vic Beasley. He’s making y’all appear like a pro bowlers during practice field which doesn’t work in a game


    Antonio Kim y’all to em. Too damn weak

Antonio Kim

Vikings and Eagles are two teams we haven’t beat in awhile under Dan Quinn

    I'm That Guy Eddie

    A new coach
    A better game

    tyler kennedy

    I’m That Guy Eddie shutup bruh

Lettuce Preey

So opposed to in-game adjustments we will wait until after the game to change things…GOTCHA

thomas anderson

Minus well get ready for another L this week… 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

John Smith

Run the bubble screen play to a WR so Ryan can get rid of the ball quick. Alternate which WR catches it

D. J.

You guys can jump ship if you want. Just never come back when things are good.

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