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Trevor J

In all honesty. It’s his outside linebackers in Vic Beasley and takk that didn’t set the edge properly and open holes. Deion hasn’t played a real game until that day in the new scheme. The interior guys played very well. We need a beget edge and be more gap sound at the second level

    jay dee

    We about to smash

Julio J

Get your guys together this time! You’re fired if we have the same thing happen against the eagles!

    CM thaGod

    You’re gonna fire him?

    Julio J

    CM thaGod yes!

    Don W

    This isn’t who u think it is

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire

I’m pretty sure the Eagles will try to run the ball outside just like the Vikings did against the Falcons… hopefully they make the proper adjustments to get that edge sealed off… if not, expect more of the same come Sunday night but we’ll see 👀

C Smith

Let’s get that L this weekend 😆

    Kionna Lockhart

    @C Smith I understand but if you look back at that game our turnovers fucked us up. If it wasn’t for that we could’ve easily won the game. Matt Ryan overthrew Julio which would have been a TD and Freeman fumbled on one of our drives where we would have scored. The refs didn’t call roughing the kicker on the blocked punt. It was alot that didn’t go our way when it should have. But I think we do much better against the eagles and get the W at home.

    Kionna Lockhart

    @C Smith Not to mention the interception Matt Ryan threw in Vikings territory which gave our defense little field to work with. It’s just first game jitters but I feel like we will be good

    C Smith

    @Kionna Lockhart I hear ya Kionna. I stopped watching after it was 21 to 0. I think I’m just fed up with Matt “Tap Dancing” Ryan. Just doesn’t have the IT factor. And I’m wearing his shirt right now! Wth! Lol

    C Smith

    @Judge whaley lmfao

Cody Paul

Please put Ishmael in there to block when we are punting. Dude ran through Neasman like a wet paper sack before he blocked the punt.

Jazzy Jeff Real Talk

Edge contain was terrible. Grady did his best in the inside got no help on the edge

Mark Godbee

Hopefully the collective efforts of the coaching staff and players will prevent a massive pancake like the one that Deion Jones received from Dalvin Cook during the Vikings game.

Ben Team

I can think of 10 better questions of the top of my head than D-Led could conjure with an entire division of research assistants. Please, pretty please, @AJC: Get us a legitimate beat reporter.

Augusta Ren!s Marcella

I’m very cognizant on the fact that y’all trying to rebuild the defense on this team. Because historically the Falcons never had a great defense.

But this is what I noticed, and I’m pretty sure I’ve already rant about it in the other Falcon videos. What Madison did to Deion Jones was a whole lie. The biggest weakness that can be exposed our defense on the edges. Minnesota found out they could not run up the middle on the interior defense. So y’all will have to figure out how to strengthen or re-maneuver the LB/CB Corps. I seen time and time again when Seattle Seahawks (in regards to Russell Wilson) exposed our weakness in the S/CB. postions.

Another thing , Philly is going to to expect the Falcons to be weak in their positions in deep coverage. Be on guard with that. Do what exactly Philly is doing defensively, textbook football…….have a man defending the zones/ their man. Wentz will read the falcons defensive set by gauging how many men are either in deep coverage or underneath cover. He gonna try to expose any weakness in our S/CB Corps. Lock down the interior, overcompensate for the exterior and undercut his receivers routes. Try to collapse the pocket around and force him to scramble out. The moment he scrambles out he needs to be snatched down.

zero RX-79

Why is vic not getting any more sacks?


Ulbrich is a fantastic motivator and a great football coach but he needs to get these guys locked in this year. We have the players to do it they just need to perform

Bama91 91

I wanna see a damn 40-13 kind of game obviously with a win for our Falcons!! Get Er Done!!

Good Looking Honkey

This guy has gotten gray because of Vic Bumsley

    C Smith


Ronnie Williams

Our secondary will be tested this game💯

Nick bagnulo

TIGHTEN up on d

Todd Chinh


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