Week 6 NFL Game Picks! | NFL 2019

Week 6 NFL Game Picks! | NFL 2019

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Wafflez Reply

Texans about to upset the chiefs

    Anthony Desenso Reply

    Chiefs gonna bounce back

    HT82 Smash Reply

    Either way, this could be Game of the Year

    StgThiccy Reply

    Hell yea Texans going to win

Fingering Things Reply

Cynthia on Dolphins vs Patriots preview: “I think it’s a one point game”

    too many men on the field Reply

    24-23 Miami?

    Kermit the Actual Frog Reply


    12346 Reply

    “the model says miami by 2 scores”

Maurice King Reply

20-29 is the only numbers Cynthia knows😂

    Transit Filmer Reply


    Gangway Calvary Badboy5d Reply

    It’s stupid how media now a days is just worrying much about money then actually looking about facts and real situations.

    Noah Sage Reply

    Cynthia does a ton of simulations and then averages the scores. The most common scores are in the 20’s so it makes sense that the predictions will be in the 20’s

Chase Balazs Reply

Cynthia have you ever looked at the scoreboard at the end of a football game?


Oh god here we go let me guess


    Benjamin Collum Reply

    Nah 25-18 even more stupid

Aryan Krishna Neeli Reply

Cynthia: ‘Breathes’
Game predictions: “False Boiss”

KRuiz17 Reply

Cleveland is going to get a couple of takeaways against who, Russ? Yeah right

ExtraSalt Reply

Chiefs and Rams are coming off embarrassing losses so they’re going to be desperate this week. If the Texans or 49ers win, we’ll know they’re for real.

The InvictusSamaritan Reply

Cynthia “24-20” Frelund

PALi friendly Reply


    Steven P Reply

    go Lions every national network/site has GB

FilmGrinders Reply

When every projection is 24-21 and no games finish 24-21…

Jack Donovan Reply

Every one of her picks are scores that 95% of the time don´t happen, how does she have this job

    John Trabakino Reply

    @DepressedSonicsFan, to each is own. Some think she is stunningly gorgeous. I think she is stunningly beautiful woman with knowledge.

    J Knitter Reply

    Bc she is getting paid just to guess numbers😂😂😂😂

    kaatanglove Reply

    Try predicting the exact scores on every game, you’ll be wrong 95% of the time too

    Noah Sage Reply

    Do you think picking scores is easy? She doesn’t decide the scores, she averages her simulations and then that is the number that she picks. It is not meant to be the actual score.

    avi saks Reply

    She gets paid to guess. The same way any of these “analysts” have a job. It’s all just guessing lol

Dylan Billings Reply

I’m expecting the Dolphins Redskins game to be a 0-0 tie.

    Clickz DooMs Reply

    Dylan Billings nah the redskins Brandon shereff is back

    Gabriel Reply

    16-10 Redskins win

    Sumting Wong Reply

    I don’t know why but this comment made me laught so bad 😂😂

Monitors of Decorum & Decency Reply

You are picking Cleveland, over Seattle? wow…

    Karsten Do Reply

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency they have jarvis landry and maker bayfield

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency Reply

    @Karsten Do Maker Bayfield is the greatest Browns player, since Bim Jrown. 😉

    SomeRandom 445 Reply

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency better than Toe Jhomas?

    King_MixBoi 1 Reply

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency joe Thomas ???????

    Stan Ford Reply

    Monitors of Decorum & Decency the Seahawks have pretty much struggled with every team they’ve beat and have barely one. They are not as good as their record at least their play hasn’t been aside from Russell Wilson. The Browns got extremely embarrassed and got gut-punch to the extreme. A little bit of Pride should set in and they should look to rebound. I do think the Browns take this one

STX iBeast Reply

Who the hell are the brown finna get those turnovers,

farakhhanif Reply

I am Dolphins fan, and I don’t even think we will win. I would have to see it happen for me to believe it.

Imperii Reply

There once was that guy called elliott Harrison…

Gbaby Reply

I think Cynthia wishes she was in her 20s

    Mr psychometrics Reply

    Dont we all

Jag Galeai Reply

Man how the hell is Cynthia employed here

    Larry Legend is a GOAT Reply

    She’s here so that like-desperate people can comment stuff like this

P B J Reply

No one:

Cynthia- chooses a number between 21 and 29

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