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Week 6 Hype Video: Clash of Conferences

The Seattle Seahawks head to Cleveland to take on the Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium.

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Kaz Man Reply

lets gooooo

Qurx Reply

Only Seattle Fans beyond this point 🙂 Go Hawks

Gavin The goat Reply

Go hawks

Jeffrey G Reply

Let’s go Hawks!!! 💙 💚

Kevin Fossen Reply

Go Hawks!

Save the Geese Reply


Andrew Balseca Reply

Goo! Hawks

Sam Dath Reply

The NFL version of Daniel bryan vs the miz

Joseph Mathew Reply

Who thinks the 49ers are only good cause they haven’t versed a good team yet…….meaning while the Seahawks are versing good teams left and right and are 4 and 1. That’s pretty dang good

    B Rus Reply

    I mean we’ve technically only played 2 teams with more wins than losses and we lost one and won the other by just 1 pt so yeah. I think the hawks are legit but we’ve played a lot of the same teams as the 49ers and barely won. I know we usually start slow and heat up, but still don’t underestimate a hungry 49ers team. If we clean up on the browns this weekend, then we can kinda start to feel legit. That 49ers D line is scary

    Pokémon Gamer Reply

    B Rus Sike wdym bro 49ers have been easy claps for years also the browns have been easy claps for years

    B Rus Reply

    @Pokémon Gamer what does that have to do with this convo lol?

    Manifesting Destiny Reply

    Next week: ravenous ravens. Go Hawks

Ryan Hudson Reply

Seahawks, do not under estimate the Browns and get comfortable. Seen it happen too many times.

    A Fucking Bird Reply


    Alex Saucedo Reply

    I dont care what the score is.
    Just beat the browns. Let’s go 5 @ 1
    Go hawks. Seattle all the way

Cody Nevins Reply

Go Hawks !!!

David Kasser Reply

Go hawks beat the browns!!!

Landice Reddish Reply

Let’s go and win and hope 49ers niners lose

Brandon Maruszczak Reply

Let’s go Seattle seahawks and Russell Wilson please get MVP and let’s go beat the Cleveland browns!!!

TuckTuck Reply

I think it’s going to be a close one but a good one.

    Pokémon Gamer Reply

    TuckTuck nah not close Odell is garbage I’ve seen better

A Fucking Bird Reply

This video did its job! GoHawks!

JustHawk Reply

What we need to do to win:
Less fumbles (carson is fixed but watch wr)
Defensive penetration
Good coverage
Watch russel wilson continue his MVP campaign against what has been a mediocre browns defense

Lee Barker Reply

Should be a good game looking forward to a blowout so my nails can grow back lol GO Hawks

Hylian Jay Reply

Let CableThanos make the next one.

Gunny Money Reply

We CANNOT take this game lightly!

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