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Andrei Solzhenitsyn

Four straight years that the Chiefs start 4-0

    Joseph Mellen

    Wonderful!!!! By the way, that has resulted in how many championships and Superbowls. Andy Reid is a good coach, but he can’t close the deal, besides are the Patriots going roll over and die?

    Donald Trump Jr. X

    @The Dark Knight *Bellicheck only because Brady isn’t needed anymore. They only keep him cuz he doesn’t take that much money.

    tejash patel

    Andrei Solzhenitsyn , Wait till they play the Bears

    Miguel Urena

    What? Weren’t they 0-5 one of those years and made like 11 strait wins then lost to the Patriots in the playoofs

    Isaac Martinez

    What do they have to show for it?

Fingering Things

Bengals Redskins and Dolphins all going for Tua

    Quinton Riley

    I honestly feel like the bengals are actually just trying for i better pick now

    jacob bellagio

    Fingering Things Dwayne haskins wastes pick lol

    #Trivia Number1

    Is Alex Smith’s career over?

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    Redskins have Haskins and Miami has Rosen

Ryan Randone

Dolphins ranked way too high up, should be lower in the rankings


    You’re like Felpie Carvahlo, repetitive, boring and a broken record

    Ryan Randone

    PNW_PsilocybeJedi wtf do u mean, this is the first time I posted a comment like this but ok


    Haha, not you per se, just this comment has been everywhere since week 1 rankings

    Charles appalachia

    The should probably be above the bengals

    Owen Allen


Torvak Mendelek

NFL please
What Eagles fan is paying you


    Popularity contest

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I mean, they beat the packers in green bay…

    Shadow Colt

    Cowboys trash should not be in top 10 after losing

    E1ij3h YT


yeboiii ftw

How the hell is Carolina ahead of Tampa

    Connor S

    yeboiii ftw beat them with cam newton with a broken foot, panthers defence is top 3 in the league

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    Mari Breon exactly


    how is Houston ahead of Carolina? how are the rams ahead of Tampa? maybe because head to head isn’t all that matters


    @Connor S if they’re top 3 defense in the league then I guess the Bucs must be a top 2 offense in the league cause they clapped them Panther cheeks 2 weeks ago.

    Ultra Force

    BananaBro967 “Panthers is better.” I see grammar is not your strong suit.

Orbicix Xicibro

Who makes these rankings? How does a team move over 5 spots after 1 game? Doesn’t make any sense.

    C B

    They dropped the Ravens 5 spots after losing to Cleveland, but moved Cleveland up 7… Yet moved up Chargers 4 spots after beating Miami……. Zero reasoning.

    Miguel Perez

    @Clayton From Drake and Josh I can agree with that.

    Arjun Srivatsa

    C B bro r u good? Power rankings show growth in all perspectives of a team. The Ravens dropped 5 coz they were supposed to win, but the Browns moved up higher coz their offense did much better than last week. The chargers only moved up like 4 coz they struggled on offense against the Dolphins. It’s all about the growth from week to week, not based upon the result.

    E- Clipse

    @HRoster I mean they have the best defense in the league

Fingering Things

Falcons went from 99.5% chance of winning a super bowl to below the raiders in a little over 2 years it’s honestly amazing

    The Dark Knight

    Haha! That’s so depressing to have a 99.5% chance of winning the Super Bowl and not doing it. Then being ranked below the Raiders is just kicking them while they’re down.

    LaVar Balld-Head Ass

    Fingering Things I was trolling their fans about that super bowl in the Falcons YouTube comments this preseason but I had to stop cuz it just got sad 😭

    Jack Pollock

    It was 99.7% but honestly it is crazy

    Ultra Force

    It’s been 3 years

Charley Allen

Tampa beats the previously 3rd ranked team and only goes up 3 spots??

    SaucyX4 •

    The Dark Knight they didn’t spank them they gave up 40 lol

    Charley Allen

    @SaucyX4 • But scored 55

    Will Peterson

    Without a missed field goal against the Giants, TB is 3-1 with only loss against SF.

    Charley Allen

    @Will Peterson Then the rankings would be way different.


These literally mean nothing..

    LaVar Balld-Head Ass

    -Dolphins fan

    Frantz Lenin

    Hoes still mad tho

    C B


Fingering Things

I can’t wait for week 6 tank bowl Dolphins vs Redskins, It’ll honestly be amazing


    Toilet bowl

    Nolan Tatar


    LaVar Balld-Head Ass

    I’m taking Miami (to lose) in that one. They’re really playing like they got nothing to lose… except every game

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    I think the loser will go 0-16

    C B

    I’ll be watching for trade candidates!


Cowboys number 4 AHAHAHAHHAHAHA

wish my team could play the worst 3 teams in the league and still be considered better than the packers, 49ers, etc

    Aajish Marahatta

    Footsteps 49ers!😆😆😆💀

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    The 49ers played 3 bad teams too but I don’t see anyone complaining about them

    Miguel Perez

    @Marque Gray They beat the Bills

    Ultra Force

    Uh, look at who the 49ers played. They’re overrated


How are the rams so high when they lost to Tampa Bay 🤦‍♂️


    Am not a Rams fan but they re at the right spot but if they lose to the Seahawks on Thursday night s.m.h they will go down maybe 6 to 8 spots dropping them to #14 or #16 I can see that

    Evan Mitsakis

    The Bucs are actually a solid team.

    Isaac Martinez

    Evan Mitsakis no. No they are not lol. They have a solid defense that’s about it

    C B

    @Isaac Martinez 55 points on the rams? And they only have a D? Interesting.

Sam Martin

these rankings are literally insane


I would say the top 5 are pretty dang accurate!


Losing to the number 1 ranked team drops you 5⬇😂 👌

    Viiiszn YT

    The bills should be ranked 9 and chiefs should be rank 1 and pats rank 2 js

    Viiiszn YT

    Frantz Lenin your delusional , there was no off day for pats stop making excuses for them , Bills D just stop tom brady always try to make some kind of excuse why he didn’t do good and josh allen is still learning this his second year in the nfl .

    C B

    @iMennu ___ and yet that was the first game the Pats have played all season against a team with a win……


This power ranking thing is only based off a popularity thing gotta be

Howard Slocum

Can we get Harrison back to do the rankings. His rankings were understandable were a good list

Michael Shan

I’m struggling to comprehend how the Lions are behind both of the teams they beat and have a better record than.


    Michael Shan the Chargers handed the game over to the Lions. In other words, the Chargers are still the better team

    Michael Shan

    AlexRedz125 Well, let’s see if you guys fare any better against the Chiefs than we did. You get to face them twice, after all.

    Frantz Lenin

    They’re the Lions

    Shane Williams

    AlexRedz125 an L is still an L. I accepted that as a Texans fan this week and the chargers shouldn’t be ranked above the lions after how they played on Sunday

Michael Sallee

Feel like I just wasted 2 minutes of my life…


Lions are behind every team they beat this year SMH 🤦‍♂️

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