Week 5 postgame speech by Coach Gruden in London | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Manny Flo

How about those RAIDERS BABY


    “How about those 21 unanswered points baby”- Al


Knock on wood if you’re with me

Manny Flo

The ground is shaking in that locker room Watch out London

T Co

Crosby, Moreau, Jacobs look promising…thx Mayock. Already sold on Ferrell and Abram.

    Johnny Rice

    Don’t forget Mo Hurst ingol Renfrow and Washington💯


    Also thanks to Greg Olsen for telling Gruden to get Waller


    @Johnny Rice PJ haul is starting to get good pressure, I’m only disappointed by key, Conley was getting lit up though and looked unmotivated

Saul Goodman

RIders are finally starting to grow into a cohesive unit. Raider Nation!

Ernie Lopez





knock on wood if you’re with him!

    David Hollmer

    Raider Nation is with you coach! ☠️RN4L☠️

    Joshua scott


    Viran Victus

    /knocks on wood.

    Marcos Lopez


    Manny Flo


Cap Baby

Gruden is so pumped he gets me to lit I love this team

    LJ Official

    Cap Baby 69 likes… keep it that way

    Joshua scott

    @LJ Official we going all the way

Juan Doe

How could you not wanna play for a coach like that?

    Randy C

    I don’t blame Mack at all, he deserved big money but the Raiders needed more players on defense. Its Xs and Os and the Raiders needed way more Os

    Tavake Toki

    Mack who? No sack mack thats who?

    Jordan Marley

    Ask Mack. Jay Glazer yesterday said that he was told Mack didn’t want to play for Gruden. But aye, he got us Josh Jacobs. 💪

    Ryan ???

    Didn’t you guys hate him last year? Lol now he’s a great coach.

    Dick Nutter IV

    You need a tough mind to play for gruden, that’s why crybaby cooper didn’t work out. But I’m happy he’s doing well in dallas

bill hawk

I’m knocking on wood Gruden I’m with u!!

John Doe

We need that week off n come back healthy. Let’s get a W against the Packers

Xplicit 2Raw

We rode Jacob’s all the way for the W!!!

    Oohhse Da God

    The way he runs hard I would the whole season lol

    Travis Mabey

    The offensive line needs some props as well. Shutting down mack

T Co

Should’ve hung 30 plus on those Bears. Raiders were on a mission today.

    Robert Jackman

    Def woulda been almost 40
    Without our two dumb fumbles and horrible freaking ref calls

    Travis Mabey

    That game would of been a blowout. The way they played was perfection until that fumble.

KC Shuffle

“You can beat anybody, anywhere, on any f****’n time zone.” – Chucky. RN4L

NO_ToWN 559

Yeeee let’s go Raider nation 🍻💯💯💯


    NO_ToWN 559 Yee Yee!!

    Latino/ Mix

    Bum Nation😂😂😂

    ThA MAN C MAcK


Black Sunday Jess

I love the phuken Raiders win or lose Oakland or Sin City. Let’s get Oakland that ring though.

Casey Canez

We’re coming back loaded after the bye week..

    Chris Gang

    Gabe n Williams what I’m looking forward to n repairing what we do got active


No matter what happens on any given Sunday, I will never stop loving this team

Diego H

That speech was electric. The Raiders are going places.

    Black Sunday Jess

    Diego H yeah all around the world and I I I


    Your goddamn right they are!!

    Syck Musyck

    7-9 no playoffs.


    Yeah they are going to Vegas

    someone commenting

    Yeah that top 10 Raiders pick looking juicy 😅

Randy Rubio

Love how all week there was talk about how Khalil Mack was going to wreck havoc on us today and how stupid it was to trade him away.

And what did he do today? NOTHING! and what did our first round pick Josh Jacobs do today? 123 yards and 2 TDs baby! GO RAIDERS!!!

    PS4 G

    trade picks for mack: Jon Gruden I’m down with that

    Tavake Toki

    Tell em bra dont fucc with the east bay Gz.


    @Dylan you’re on crack mack is still a monster

    taco highlite

    lol he loves yall say sorry.

    taco highlite

    That’s why.

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